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Velvet playsuit: c/o Lavish Alice. Denim jacket: £63, NW3 by Hobbs. Oversized blazer: Glamorous. Anna boots: £76.50, Topshop. Bag: Marc B. Belt: 20p, charity shop. Watch and bracelet: gifts. Ring: £2.40, Forever 21.

Oh, to be home! Surrounded by the rolling countryside and have chocolate on tap. It appears to be becoming quite the tradition to head to Hylands Park for Easter, so off we headed for a wander round the pleasure gardens, to see that some of the daffodils look finally ready to rear their yellow heads!

The main issue with university is living between two places that have a fair few miles between them. This Lavish Alice playsuit appeared on my Essex doorstep when I was in Liverpool crying over my dissertation (which I got a mark I'm happy with, thankfully!), so when I saw it sitting patiently on my bed, I knew the perfect way to christen it would be to wear it for roughly twenty-four hours as I headed straight into town for a much-needed catch up on a dancefloor, only to get home about midday the following day. I find that the best way to test an item of clothing, personally. Unfortunately I don't think they have this particular playsuit in stock any more, but I have got my eyes on this pair of shorts - now all we need is some appropriate weather!

And I will leave you with a photo of banana bread mixture, because it's the best thing ever.


She's got her lipstick on.

Chambray blouse: gift from Jazmine. Cardigan: mum's. Floral skirt: £14, Primark. Belt: 10p, charity shop. Bag: French Connection. Socks: gift, Topshop. Anna boots: £76.50, Topshop. Necklace: Toujours Toi. Ring: £2.40, Forever 21.

Nothing makes me happier than showing off Liverpool to people who've never been before, and it's even better when you're able to share it with two people who you can spend three hours chatting with in a restaurant after you've finished your meal. These two faces may be familiar to you as they have their own blogs (and if you aren't, where have you been?), but when Jazmine and Olivia arrived on Saturday afternoon and squeezed on the sofas with my flatmate Amy before heading off to The Quarter for pizza then into town for a dance it was no different to any of my other friends coming to visit. 

Obviously, a trip to scouseland isn't complete without stopping off at Cuthbert's Bakehouse for hot dogs and tea (which is a completely normal combination as tea goes with everything), which turned into an impromptu photoshoot with three cameras and a lot of over the top posing. It was all too soon when the time came for our guests to head back to Lime Street station and wish us farewell. I'll try not to get too soppy here, but when you take a step back and realise that we're just three normal girls from all over the country who wouldn't have met had it not been for our blogs, it's a little overwhelming, in the best possible way.


Talking to the songbird yesterday.

Sheer blouse: Topshop (so old!). Chambray playsuit: £9, Beyond Retro. Green blazer: Glamorous. Cardigan: £1.50, charity shop. Tartan scarf: £8, ebay. Watch: gift, Rotary. Necklace: Grace Face Boutique. Chelsea boots: Stylistpick.

Somehow we're past halfway through the first week of my easter holidays (did someone say Spring Break?) and it's been a bit of a blur. Some pretty faces popped up to see me (more on that tomorrow!), but mainly it's been a period of generally chilling/having some quality pyjama time. Aside from dressing like a toddler, see above, we've been making use of the poker set that bgo sent over and having lots of pizza. It's been a while since I last played poker, and the days of the KPL are a halcyon memory, so I was a little rusty, but when there's wine involved I think we were all ended up being as bad as each other!

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