hell is empty, and all the devils are in middle-class england.

tilbury essex
tilbury essex
tilbury essex
tilbury essex

photos by paolo zerbini, styled by nic jottkandt, for i-d magazine.

these photos were taken in tilbury, essex. an essex just slightly different than portrayed on towie.
i'm going to go and make some important life decisions (i.e. whether to buy some new boots or not) over cold domino's, then start on my emily dickinson presentation for tuesday. student life is a cliché.


noon burned gold into our hair

moving in
the tobacco warehouse
the tobacco warehouse

It's been quite busy recently.
Instead of walking straight back to my accommodation I decided to go for a wander around bits of Liverpool I'd never been to before. Lots of deserted car parks, bombed out buildings, rubble and brick walls. The Tobacco Warehouse looked so beautiful in the late afternoon light. I noticed a hole in the wall (next to where I'm standing in the second photo, actually) and through it was the most delightful canal.

A nice little break from reading and responsibilities. Then I had a jacket potato with coleslaw for dinner.


t shirt; £20; arctic monkeys at don valley bowl gig (take me baaack). skirt; £15; topshop. belt; 20p; charity shop. tights; £1; topshop. boots; £30; topshop. bag; mother's. jacket (over bag); £22; primark. messy hair; c/o essex seaside breeze.

this is such a ridiculously "me" outfit. just minus a collar of some kind.
i'm back at university now, so no little quaint places like this to take photos in (thanks mum).
feeling a little bit lost, and drowning in "bleak house".

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