hell is empty, and all the devils are in middle-class england.

tilbury essex
tilbury essex
tilbury essex
tilbury essex

photos by paolo zerbini, styled by nic jottkandt, for i-d magazine.

these photos were taken in tilbury, essex. an essex just slightly different than portrayed on towie.
i'm going to go and make some important life decisions (i.e. whether to buy some new boots or not) over cold domino's, then start on my emily dickinson presentation for tuesday. student life is a cliché.



  1. What amazing photos! Love them and love how it shows essex isn't just fake tan and teeth and tits.

    I did Emily Dickinson at A-level got a huuge folder sized extended essay on her ha-ha you just brought it all back to me I actually really enjoyed it, don't know if that makes me odd or anything ha-ha!


  2. pretty good these, i havent watched any of the essex style programmes. seems to be a lot of them these days. with any town comes it's opposites, is it really interesting to see though

  3. Ooh what is your Emily Dickinson presentation based around? I discovered her in first year when we had to do some ridiculous essay comparing digital (ie. online) literary resources...

  4. Somehow I thought these were taken in America, maybe because of the tower blocks in the background! I'm so used to thinking of England as being all pretty houses and rural villages :)

    Rebecca, you've sorted out my revision morning. I'm ashamed that I haven't read anything of Dickinson's, so that's what I shall be doing I think (after I finish reading Jude and making notes)! In reply to your comment: I completely agree - winter woolies allll the way... but on the day I blogged about it wasn't too hot, just right, and I did feel I had to embrace that weather since it doesn't come very often! But yes, can't wait to whip out my sailor coat again. xxx

  5. ooh i love that series, the first photo especially

  6. i didn't know where was Essex but man these photos are beautiful! and i love their sweater/jumper!


  7. I heard of Essex tv show. But it would be just silly if there was only one side to Essex. I'm glad you posted this pictures.

  8. I love these photos. A lot.


  9. really nice photos! :)


  10. Haha so well put...student life is a cliche! And not gonna lie, I love me some cold pizza too.

    - Ally


  11. i love these photos! they're so casual and yet very stylish.

    and you're totally right - student life is a cliche. so, go ahead and buy more pairs of boots! ;) haha. i love treating myself after completing an assignment.

    thanks for your little comment about my instagram photos - totally made my morning (it's 2.30am here!). :) means a lot when someone else enjoys the photos i take!

    apart from all the student life troubles, i hope you're doing well, rebecca. :) only a couple of days till the weekend! <3 x

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    Cosa mi metto???

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