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i happened to be in london the same weekend as london fashion week, so i picked up the daily and ate hummus. somerset house was even more imposing than normal.
i hope never to find a stockist for charles anastase, because the few feeble remains of my student loan would be gone in the short time it takes for me to tap in my pin number.

in regards to my lack of blogging recently it would be because of stress (namely losing my phone/disposable camera, and wondering if anything will happen next weekend) and not being near a laptop too often. i vent through twitter, so why anyone actually follows me on it, i haven't the foggiest, but you can stalk me find out more there.


drama magnet


magic cupcakes
B + S
la la love cats
discovering the magic of amy's cupcakes in hot house
with sabina in the globe, post-prizegiving
doors, bowie, and allsaints tees. also in hot house ("you're becoming a bit of a regular here, aren't you?" thank you doorman whose name i can't remember)


emergency services
baa bar
carnage emergency services theme aaaaages ago. i am NOT going to the barbie vs action man one tonight
inside baa bar. i insisted on wearing those cycling shorts

my weekends are so much busier than my weekdays, visiting friends and playing the hostess.

today i had a seminar about the origin of language in which the tutor posed the question of whether life would be boring if we lacked the ability to lie. i was the only one who thought it would be beneficial. (i've somehow developed the worrying ability to lie profusely when drunk, and it keeps causing problems.) then i was blown down brownlow hill to the bluecoat art gallery, and then i had a grande skinny mocha with elle collections, sitting looking over seel street.
museums and starbucks are my personal form of escapism. they really, really work.


i've been presented the 'stylish blogger award' by both emma (when she used to be 'two sugars please') and rebecca. so here are seven things about me, and it took me far, far too long to think of that many.
ps, a few people have asked, and you're welcome to add me as a friend on facebook, if you'd like (there's a link on the left)


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