a very british summer

rebecca cohen orla kielyrebecca cohen orla kielyrebecca cohen orla kiely

orla kiely is an irish designer based in london, with a fantastical shop in covent garden. i don't own any of it (although i am VERY tempted to go for one of the dresses which is £150... in the sale) but LOOK. the socks and shoes look is essentially what i am renowned for (as well as my tights. clearly my feet/legs get more attention than i do) and i love her signature patterns.

the reason british people drink tea all year round is because there is no need to have cold drinks. it is always mild.
yet i am heading off to the seaside until next weekend; armed with disposable cameras, elle collections and a big carpet bag. And an optimistic bikini :|
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see you in a week (:
(and if that dress is still available in my size upon my return, i may have to make a purchase...)


you're a stone fox

rebecca cohen virgin suicidesrebecca cohen virgin suicidesrebecca cohen virgin suicidesrebecca cohen virgin suicides

kirsten dunst in virgin suicides, directed by sofia coppola, my own screen caps

a word of advice, this probably isn't the best film to watch at four in the morning.

ps, do any of you know brighton well? i'll be there next week, and it'd be nice if any of you could recommend some nice things to do during the day (don't worry, i'm sorted for the nighttimes, having older friends helps occasionally!). either leave a comment or email me (rebecca (dot) cohen (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk) - thank you! i should be able to get another post in before i leave (:


starbucks is a glorified babysitter

new look american apparelnew look american apparel
outtake, close up and words

The remains of an unwitting cover up
Blown across the stage.
Last night's curtain,
a rain shower,
Has hidden everything else.

The performers slumber in reality,
Art for art's sake
They care not for the intricacies of regularity
Stirring already
black. grey. navy. white.
Dampened nighttime misdeeds.

I don't really like posting my poetry here, but some people said they'd like to see more (and my friend said he liked it)

Today there was drama at work (involving two resigned policemen), I went to a BBC recording of Jarvis Cocker and Steven Merchant, and I currently have a wagamamas baby.

dress (worn as tee); new look kids. belt; charity shop. cardigan; charity shop. skirt; american apparel. nail polish; nail inc (it had been on for a day, and I can't be bothered to edit photos today)
I did have a "proper" outfit shot (+long socks and boots) but I decided against posting. You're not missing out on much.

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