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Just one of those days where you fuck things up and can't fix them, however hard you try.

luella love

I only really own four pieces of "proper" designer clothing, and none of them are really clothing, as such.
A brooch (as seen here), a purse, and two key rings.
All of them are special to me in a weird way, not because they remind me of anything in particular, but because I feel like I'm genuinely helping a small brand that not everyone knows. A love that my best friend and I share.
To find out that Luella had ceased trading last November was a shock, but to actually go onto her website today and see a completely blank page? Well, that's just weird.
For now, I guess that Lover and Patouf will have to do, but neither Sweden nor Australia is quite as exotic as Cornwall ;)

Collage: made by me using images from No prize for guessing my favourite collections
Print: Owen Plummer for Luella London Underground poster during LFW last year
Luella Bartley and Alexa Chung; God knows

no joke

According to iTunes I have listened to 7.8 hours of music today so far. Isn't that nice to know.
Really, at times like this with the repetitive typing... pause... insert...footnote...typing..pause..insert.footnote.typing.pauseinsertfootnotetyping
Just over and over and over.
It's like life really.
The same things over and over again and again.
And that's why I've got into Jürgen Teller's work so much recently. Gaunt, hypotic eyes, staring wide into the camera lense. Stiff, awkward poses, completely unnatural, captured in that same position for the rest of eternity. Doing the same things for what feels like forever.
Whatever you want to call it.
So fuck it, if we've got to do it let's at least attempt to have fun.
With 7.9 hours of music.

If you like Jürgen's work (he does the advertising campaigns for Marc Jacobs, i.e. Marc, Lola, Daisy, etc. and Vivienne Westwood, among others) and you're in London this Summer he's giving a talk at the V&A (near the bottom). It's £6-8, so not too much, and it gives you an excuse to go to visit the other exhibitions. Unfortunately I have an exam the next day so I can't go, but you definitely should. Report back!


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