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Frock and Frill dress | www.itscohen.co.uk
#HoldEmForCharity Ladbrokes poker event, Leeds | www.itscohen.co.uk
Friends of Ham Leeds food menu | www.itscohen.co.uk
SkyBar Leeds view | www.itscohen.co.uk
Friends of Ham Charcuterie, Leeds | www.itscohen.co.uk
Ladbrokes blogger poker event | www.itscohen.co.uk
Public Desire Julia heels | www.itscohen.co.uk

Dark days are here chums: I don't have internet. It's bordering on Medieval ages, and I don't know whether to just get an Austen approved regency dress, take up cross stitching and be done with it all. In the meantime, I'm rinsing Starbucks' wifi in At Ann's Square and having my (raspberry) cake and eating it too. As they say, I didn't choose the thug life...

In other less dramatic news (perhaps), I headed off to Leeds yesterday to play poker for the first time in years with Ladbrokes and a load of bloggers who's links I'll leave below - sorry if I miss anyone out! I know, I know, it's normally all chintz armchairs and country escapes up in here, but anyone who knows me in real life knows that I'm slightly rougher around the edges (gotta big yourself up and all, most people I know would probably say I spend too much money on absinthe for my own good, but I get to pick the words here, so we're going with that). I haven't really played poker for a long ol' time, but I found myself getting back into the swing of things pretty quickly, and even ended up on the final table against all the odds (only betting joke in this entire post, I promise). I got almost no photos of the event cos a 50mm lens and red lighting do not a good blog post make, but I had a load of fun playing at pretend hangover in the bright Manchester sunshine this morning to take a few lifestyle-y shots. Yet to tidy up the playing cards that I legitimately did drop all over the floor, so you can tell these are proper authentic.

A massive shout out to Frock and Frill who hooked a sister up with this absolutely gorgeous dress that I couldn't stop bloody looking at before putting it on. I'll get some "proper" photos at a later date, but for now feast your eyes on the moonlit balcony shot above, and this lil insta. Also, food snaps are from Friends of Ham which is just across the road from Leeds train station - good luck getting a table cos this place is popular, but the meats are top quality, and it'd be an amazing place to while away an afternoon with a friend and a bottle of wine.

You can see Ladbokes' blog post here.

Anyway, I'm off to catch up on the last week of online delights, but please do click through and check out some of the other Leeds bloggers if you're on the lookout for some new reads!


I wasn't born last night.

For some reason, Leeds is one of the northern cities I'd never quite managed to explore, so when my favourite Yorkshire lass announced she was getting married, me and the rest of the uni girls booked our train tickets North for her hen party, packed some pretty frocks and arrived prepared to be drinking for the next twelve hours. We were correct in that assumption. It's been a while since I've had a session quite that long, but self-made long island iced teas followed by something of a nostalgia-fuelled reunion with baa bar (nothing on Liverpool's four walls of complete debauchery, of course) took their course and we somehow emerged unbroken - although the same clearly cannot be said for my shoes, illustrated above. After a rather long (we're talking hours here) breakfast Clarity and Georgia had to head home to dissertations and ice bucket challenges but Sita and I stuck around for a coffee and I sneakily managed to get some outfit photos which magically portray me hangover-free: god bless BB cream.

I thought it would only be appropriate to post these photos while I'm up in Chester celebrating the Coppenhalls' wedding, so here's to more northern adventures and significantly less morose mornings.
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