Vandries Street
Vandries Street
hipster pizza

Gemma dress; £20; Motel. Aldgate heeled chelsea boots; £70; Topshop. Masquerade necklace, £9; ElsieBelle. Vacation necklace; vintage.

Since the beginning of term I've tried hard to save money (a ban from coffee shops is currently in operation), but here are the things I've succumbed to. Massive love for the dress, my nod to the cutout trend, even if it's normally hidden beneath a cardigan in these chilly months. I've wanted a pair of chelsea boots for ages, so finally took the plunge when Topshop did a 20% student discount and chose these over the slightly less practical higher cherry red pair. I may have also indulged in Domino's pizza menu due to my (apparently weird?) love for feta cheese. Hey, everyone's got their vice...


Mandatory shot of me dancing around, trying not to get run over by dustmen:

Vandries Street

it's a mixed up muddled up shook up world

There are always such wonderful surprises to be found at Amy's house!


last ones standing

blouse; £3.99; st michael's via charity shop. skirt; £30; american apparel. belt; 10p; scouts via charity shop. shoes; £40; swedish hasbeens x h&m. sunglasses; £1; primark. bag; gift; marks and spencer limited collection.
taken in leigh-in-sea a few weeks ago, when it was sunny and could pass for summer.
i have to go to tesco and buy last minute (i.e. i forgot) stuff for this weekend's festivities chez morris farm. i'm a sucker for example, i'd never change the way i kiss him. follow me on twitter for fairly innocuous updates on my iniquitous behaviour.



you live for the evening 'cause it’s the best part of the day

once i had a love
fucking love risotto
proud parents

viking splash splash splash
even more splash
lily and me and elizabeth
pete and i, proud parents of chuckles
just because i ought to be at one of his gigs right now

by the looks of things, my summer so far has consisted of wearing this top too much. i fully intend to continue this trend.
(photos taken on my beloved lomography fisheye camera)


ps, in regards to the current riots happening across the country, i know i can't put across my view as concisely and well structured as others, so i'll just wish that everyone is well. it's horrific to see places i grew up ("oh, east london!"), go to uni and went to last weekend going up, literally, in smoke. i just... i don't understand people.
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