you live for the evening 'cause it’s the best part of the day

once i had a love
fucking love risotto
proud parents

viking splash splash splash
even more splash
lily and me and elizabeth
pete and i, proud parents of chuckles
just because i ought to be at one of his gigs right now

by the looks of things, my summer so far has consisted of wearing this top too much. i fully intend to continue this trend.
(photos taken on my beloved lomography fisheye camera)


ps, in regards to the current riots happening across the country, i know i can't put across my view as concisely and well structured as others, so i'll just wish that everyone is well. it's horrific to see places i grew up ("oh, east london!"), go to uni and went to last weekend going up, literally, in smoke. i just... i don't understand people.


  1. I am in love with the pictures your camera takes o m q.

  2. Great pictures, love the ones of the pool :)

  3. Love fisheyes, your photos are gorgeous!

  4. Love the fish eye! Agree re: riots. Tis scary living in London right now! I insisted on my housemate walking me 200 yds to the corner shop to get ice cream - it shouldn't feel that unsafe on our streets!!

  5. Aahh, I want to have holidays - and hang around at the swimming pool!
    I've said so much about the London riots (by now Manchester etc. too) I just don't know what to say anymore... xo

  6. Firstly - with you entirely on your thoughts about the barbaric behaviour taking over our country. I don't understand it.. can they not see this has gone beyond proving a point and they're now frightening people unnecessarily?

    Aaaaanyway. YAY I am pleased you are experimenting so much with the lomo! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. I love your photos, sweetie! And I know what you mean about constantly wearing the same top, I do it too! Hahaha. ;)

    And I hope you're feeling alright about all that's happening. Hopefully things look up soon for London. x

  8. Great photos, love your fisheye camera!

  9. Amazing photos! I'd love to try a fish eye camera xx

  10. these fisheye shots are swonderul and that top can make as many cameos as it likes cos it too, is swonderful haha:) ...i'll see it it that i properly inform myself about the riots in England but for now i imagine it to be a very volatile and hope the issues surrounding it will actually be dealt with.

  11. i like your photos, great!

  12. Cannot agree more. I'm never a morning person, and I don't think I'll ever be :p For all of those in London, wishing for the best. I just despise violence, hope everything will be over soon...

  13. ahhhh ... i love the way you take the moment.. the fish eye effect make it more dramatic..


  14. the guy in the bottom photo is genuinely such a babe. Check him out

  15. Great pictures and cool effects.

  16. Ha ^ consider yourself fraped, twaped and blogaped.

    I love the fish-eye lens, and I know what you mean re: riots. So sad. I lived in Tottenham Hale last year and it's just shocking to see all the familar places in ruins. x

  17. gorgeous photos, especially the last one :) x

  18. I love these photos they just scream summer to me :)
    & the riots that happened really are terrible, I jsut don't understand some people!

  19. Looks like you're having a pretty awesome summer!

    I feel so irritated about the riots, like you, i don't understand people...

  20. I love fisheyes! Great photos you have here :)

    The riots are terrible! Its so sad we regard ourselves as a developed nation, yet some people act like that :(


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