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The Folly Bistro, East Hanningfield, Essex
Joules scarf, Zara coat outfit
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Essex fashion bloggers
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Joules oversized monochrome scarf
Vintage suede skirt
Joules scarf
The Folly Bistro, East Hanningfield, Essex
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Joules check blanket scarf
Joules monochrome scarf review
East Hanningfield, Essex
Zara coat: £30 (similar). Oasis top: £13.20. Vintage suede skirt: £8, charity shop (similar). Debenhams loafers. Monochrome scarf: c/o Joules. Vintage bag. Essie Maximillian Strasse Her (still don't understand that name, surely it's just Strasse?).

In the wake of messers Turner and Kane dropping a new release named 'Bad Habits', I thought why not compile a list of my own?

- I am twenty four and I still bite my nails. I know, okay? I KNOW.
- There is a rather large pile of black boots by the front door which look suspiciously similar but which are definitely not exactly the same (eyeing up another pair now).
- Texts don't need to be replied to immediately, do they? I honestly do try, but when whatsapp's crashed on me for the sixth time in a row I tend to give up for the next few months.
- If I'm going to be on the 6.47 am train, I am going to use all forces necessary to ensure I get a seat.
- Eye contact: I'm all for it as I am otherwise useless at reading a person, and if you don't meet mine I'll immediately think you're hiding something.
- I tend to go out of my way to conceal how I feel (ew, emotions), until it reaches a point of no return and I either cry or shout at someone.
- Biting off the top, eating the filling and then eating the rest of a Creme Egg.
- Drinking that one drink too many...
- ... then agreeing to go to the pub the day after.
- Saying "just putting that A Level art to good use" every time I do something vaguely creative.
- Making grand plans of going to that new pop-up for lunch to support an independent high street, then going to Pret 'cause it's closer. Every. Bloody. Time.
- Thinking one blog post a week is totally manageable, and then realising preeeetty quickly it's far from it (send help and daylight hours).

Any bad habits you'd care to share? brb, kick-starting whatsapp again.

Ever since I can remember, I was a great devourer of books.

william morris gallery
william morris gallery walthamstow
william morris devourer of books quotation
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essex fashion blogger
william morris gallery walthamstow
william morris gallery walthamstow garden
william morris gallery walthamstow
william morris gallery walthamstow
william morris gallery walthamstow rose garden
william morris gallery walthamstow prints
william morris gallery walthamstow blue plaque
william morris barbour collection
william morris gallery walthamstow
william morris gallery walthamstow
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william morris barbour jackets
lloyd park walthamstow
hobbs monk shoes black
walthamstow fashion blogger
lloyd park walthamstow
william morris barbour jacket
lloyd park walthamstow
oasis denim skirt
Barbour William Morris Ruskin Jacket. Next tie bow blouse. Oasis denim skirt: £5, sample sale. Hobbs monk shoes: £70 (similar). Marks and Spencer bag: £43. Charity shop belt: 10p.

Some things get better with age (one of those things is not hummus, trust me on that one, and *insert the sicky face emoji here*). I last visited the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow on a school trip way back when, and it was a little crummy. However, we gave it over a decade and two house moves for it to mature, and it's a had one hell of a makeover. And it's amazing.

As Morris' teenage home, there's no better place to give homage to the development of his love for print and the arts. Obviously there's a little chunk about him growing up in Walthamstow/Woodford (with an interactive map, which prompts you to look for where you live, duh), but I really enjoyed the room which recreated his workshop, with rolls of wallpaper hung from the ceiling. Upstairs things are dedicated to his love affair with printing books and his socialist beliefs, along with a couple of temporary exhibitions. As we exited through the gift shop (and the café's fwis opportunity), I picked up Jazmine's Christmas present, and had a wander through the grounds, now Lloyd Park. I know it tends to be areas like Richmond and Hampstead to receive the good rep for pockets of green in London, but I will always be an advocate of areas a little further East.

Of course, I had to bring along my Barbour Morris print jacket, which felt just as at home here as it did back at Kelmscott Manor. Because a) theme, and b) I've been living in it since October, so was pretty difficult to remove from my back.

Hope you've all been having a good week so far - and, even if it's been crap, it's less than three weeks until the new year and a new start!

They can't love me like you.

swans maldon river blackwater
swans maldon river blackwaterswans maldon river blackwater
swans maldon river blackwater
Topshop knit (old, although this is pretty much the same). Oasis faux leather skirt. Karen Millen boots: £25, sample sale. Marks and Spencer bag (old). Necklace: c/o Happiness Boutique.

Going out with students for Halloween? Feeling a bit old? The best way to cure this malady is to make sure you spend the day where you lower the average age by quite a few decades. Battlesbridge is a little village in Essex, known for its antiques centre and weird sticky outy building, and OAPs can't get enough of it. The higgledy piggledy stalls are host to an odd array of anything you can think of, and I am rather a fan of the crap taxidermy you can find nestled in the back of a fair few stands. We came home empty handed this time, but I definitely had my eye on a few of the old bookshelves and cabinets, perfect for someone who's got plans and schemes for their room... 
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