Looking Sharp (and sweaty) in Ses Salines' Cactus Botanical Garden.

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We may have had something of a heatwave this year in the UK, however as I look outside at the grey skies drizzling I'm turning my memories (and clearing out my iPhoto) to last year's trip to Mallorca, and its Botanical Garden serving as a shrine to cactus: Botanicactus (got a ring to it, hasn't it?).

On our last day in Spain, Clare, Laura, Kate and I headed to this sun-trap to have a browse of what our future gardens could be like if we inherited a few acres of land and global warming kept going. A wide expanse of land dedicated to cultivating as many species of cactus and Mediterranean plants as possible, this was definitely Clare's suggestion, and I'm glad we went - even if my face looks a little grumpy thanks to the sticky heat!

Botanicactus is a bit of a trek if you're staying in Palma, however it wasn't too long a drive from where we were staying in Ses Salines. If you've got plenty of time to spare when on your holiday, then I'd definitely recommend a visit, however you're more than welcome to come round my flat if you want to see a lot of cactus in a small space of time.

There aren't currently any holiday plans for me this year - bar mine and Laura's trip to Paris a few months back - as frankly I'm skint and probably ought to spend some time in the flat I've spent years saving for. However, there is a lot going on at home with the (very imminent!) arrival of Clare and Joe's little one, Harriet and David's new arrival and wedding next year then a trip to Ibiza for Em's wedding next June - probably for the best that this year's a quiet one. brb, putting the kettle on and locking my purse away.


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