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A long weekend in Temple Bar, Dublin.

I'm not even going to pretend these photos are recent, but here's a little snapshot of a weekend spent in Dublin a while back. I've been across to Dublin a few times now (you can see photos taken on a reliable disposable camera from my first trip here), but as Laura had never been we decided on a long weekend in Temple Bar. The less chat about the delayed flight the better, but the actual flight took no time at all.

If you've never been before, Temple Bar is the main touristy area of Dublin. Prepare yourself for plenty of pubs, souvenir shops and stag dos as you wander along the cobbled streets. I can definitely see some similarities with Manchester's Northern Quarter, but as Manc lacks the tourist-factor that Dublin's got the vibe is a lot more local. That said, when you're out everyone's very chatty and it's not hard to get to know people from all over when you're waiting to be served at a bar. 

On a slightly more up-to-the-minute note, things have been very busy up in these parts. Then again, when are they ever not? Since my last post, I've started a new job, moved house and invested in a lot of expensive skincare which have all been very stressful. Things are finally starting to calm down, and when they do I'll share a little more, but there's still a part of me that's thinking I'll jinx things by speaking out load (or typing on the internet) about it so I'm keeping kinda schtum about things for now. And somehow it's December, which means it's my birthday on Wednesday, so the perfect time for a little reflection and a chance to stand back and see how the last year has gone - something I know plenty of us don't make time to do.

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  1. Never been to Dublin - it's not somewhere I've ever particularly fancied but with it being so close, it seems remiss to NOT visit. Would you recommend? Happy birthday for Wednesday - hope you have a great day x

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  2. Happy Birthday for Wednesday! And congrats on the job and house! x

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  6. You look lovely as always, dear. Nice post.

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