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Throwback Sunday

You know that friend you meet up with and you sit there trying to work out how long it's been since you last saw them, and then you get that guilty "oh crap, it was a lot longer ago that I thought" moment? Well, I'd like to introduce you to some photos from mid-May, which I will gloriously throwback with just a mere five months later. Whoops.

In all honesty, not that much has changed since, other than I wear a lot more bronzer because I look a lot like death in these photos. I also had to throw these jeans away as unfortunately skinny jeans and Laura's mini cooper do not a good match make. Otherwise, the last five months have been spent in equal amounts going to the gym and eating cheese, and having your standard mid-twenties crisis. You only need to scroll through Refinery29 for 10 minutes to find out that you're "not alone" and you're "doing just fine", but that's never going to stop a lil bit of doubt creeping in every once in a while. It's been a hard few months for me, with a lot going on. But, and here is your cheesy morale alert, there really is just something in paying attention to the little things and focusing on small bits that will see you through. Namely, not long until we can start talking about pigs in blankets - hurrah!

With all that in mind, this weekend is being spent with family, taking some much needed time out and heading back to Essex with white boots instead of white stilettos in my weekend bag. Might even burn a basic pumpkin scented candle, who know how crazy things will get?

What I Wore.

Primark leather jacket: £10. Arctic Monkeys top: £20. Oasis skinny jeans. Claudie Pierlot chelsea boots. Marks and Spencer bag: £43. Urban Outfitters sunglasses.

Where I went.


  1. Love this tee. I scroll R29 on my lunchbreak daily and your comment made me laugh... I just turned 30 but I'm definitely having an on-going mid-twenties crisis still! x

  2. Love so so much this outfit!! Specially the boot!!
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  3. Wow. I really love your outfit. Great post, dear. Regards Boudicca Proxy

  4. The bag goes really nicely with the all black attire. And that light blue jacket is really cute, looks very warm and cosy!

  5. Awesome. The jeans is perfect. I love it ♥️♥️

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