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Updating my wardrobe essentials game.

You can read this post in many ways:
1. I'm refining my wardrobe, and sticking to the pieces I know I'll wear forever/until they've been washed see-through.
2. I'm skint after deciding to seriously up the amount I'm saving per month, so basic's about as good as it's going to get. Tara embellishment, you were good while the student loan lasted.
3. I'm completely disillusioned with all trends right now, so just giving up on it all and going for the things I really like and/or suit me. Not necessarily at the same time.
4. I bought this top when H+M had an offer on and now I'm trying to justify spending my money somewhere other than Morrsion's.
Whichever number you pick, you're a good portion of the way to the truth.

Without trying to rehash old ground, we all know that as a general rule a certain type of bodyshape is portrayed again and again in the media. Yes, it's getting better. No, I don't think retail stores are to blame. But when it comes to trend pieces, those rip-offs from the catwalk in some capital city miles away were made to fit a certain frame, and most of the time the high street-filtered version is a pretty damn good copy (did someone say six weeks lead time?), so why should it suit me? I'm not sad about it at all (apart from shift dresses, cos I really, really want to dress like Twiggy on the daily). I accept that there's no point trying to give my own take on a trend, which is basically just a carbon copy of everyone else's, and thus *unpopular opinion klaxon* it's boring. There's a reason I follow the women's blogs I do: I like to see original, well thought out content that tells a story, because if I want to see trends I'll toddle off to Vogue, who do it very, very well.

I'm not a stylist who knows how to put perfect outfits together; I still bleary eyed chuck things on in the morning, only to re-assess in the toilet at work thinking "nah, definite miss". But I do like to document what I've jumbled together here, and hope you don't mind that it's a little more "wardrobe essentials" than "fresh off the catwalk".


  1. So so pretty Rebecca, you look lovely x


  2. That's definitely what I like about your blog - it isn't unrealistic high fashion stuff, just good solid fashion presented well. Bloody love that skirt.

    Emma / adventures in floral

  3. I'm so disillusioned with trends right now! To be honest I've never really followed trends anyway, I've always gone for dresses with a colourful print in shapes that suit me and I wear them for years. Maybe it's because the high street aren't stocking anything I cann see lasting or maybe I'm growing out of my usual style, but I'm definitely more drawn to simple cuts and styles now. Just found your blog and going to follow along Stephie xx


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