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The new monochrome uniform.

Is it a blogger sin to upload two almost identical monochrome outfits, one after the other? Cos, it's happening, and I'm not even about to apologise. I've found myself reaching for the same old pieces time and time again, relying on what etailers constantly call "basics" (mate, you trying to tell me something?), whatever the weather and whatever the season. Of course, my leather jacket is my child and cost about the same, so it will always, always be a staple in my wardrobe. Add in this super soft (and super cheap: £8!!) white tee that I now have in several colours, a slightly straight, slightly a-line faux leather skirt and my kinda boxfresh trainers 100% inspired by Natalie, and you've got yourself an outfit straight out of Cohen-ton. Maybe it's because I'm not a morning person, or maybe it's because I'm slowly developing a sense of style, but it sure is handy when you wake up after snoozing three alarms and need to shower and be on a bus to work stat.

Much like walking into the pub, making eye contact with the bar-tender (HI SCOTT) and then immediately cracking open a cider, it's always good to have those things you can rely on. If we're talking drinks, cheeses, shops and coffee, then I don't see why clothes, shapes and fits don't fit onto the same list. I like my slouchy tees and crew neck jumpers, and find that they're the kind of things you can dress up and down to make the most of whatever crap you decide to spontaneously purchase from asos after you've had a gin and missed the returns cut-off date for.

I'll never stick to monochrome outfits 100% of the time, but as long as I've got the same reliable shapes and fabrics, it's fair to say I'm on to a winner. And, as the saying goes, if it ain't broke wear a stripy t-shirt. And I have a lot of those to hand.

What I'm wearing:


  1. That tee is £8?! I'm on it like a car bonnet!
    A Story of a Girl

  2. I posting monochrome outfits one after another isn't ok, then I need to be banned as a blogger! I would steal 100% of this outfit

  3. Mate I'm all about the basics. Loving the leather-on-leather look! x

  4. Love this post and look! Also 100% agree with everything you have said.. possibly too much so the drinking gin and doing asos orders..

    India Charlotte♥

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