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“But surely that’s going to be a really long commute?”

Rather than commute to Manchester from Essex every day (seriously? Did people really think I’d do that 4h journey twice in one day??), I took the logical option and moved to be closer to my day job. Last Saturday, I moved into my proper flat rather than diverting my paycheck straight into aribnb’s coffers and it got me thinking – dangerous, I know. I personally don’t see it as a big deal, but apparently moving for a job is something a lot of people simply wouldn’t consider. Relocating adds a few extra steps to starting a new job, but it’s definitely got its pros. So, in true millennial style, how better to execute this blog post than with a bloody good list? Bullet points at the ready.

Hey phoenix, time to shake off those ashes. Now’s the perfect time to start afresh and there’s nothing better than having a completely clean slate.

“Get up to much over the weekend?” begins every Monday ever. If you’ve just moved into a new place then you have a ready made excuse for vegetating in your pyjamas with a Domino’s deal for a couple of days under the guise of “getting settled” – score.

We all buy homeware for no reason. Now I’ve got a reason. Even if you move your entire life from one place to another, you’re always going to need some new bits.

I’m all for sending stuff in the post (but whyyyy so expensive, royal mail?), and this is the perfect time to send a little pick-me-up. I’m currently on the lookout for change of address cards, so if you spy any decent ones send some links my way.

When you’ve been somewhere a while, you start to see its flaws (same also applicable to boyfriends, but let’s not get into that right now). Moving somewhere new gives you the chance to make a new place home, and a girl’s got to try all the eateries and bars to find the good ones, right?

I am very happy to report that Manchester has got an amazing blogger scene. I’d never really paid that much attention prior to moving here, but I’m glad PRs have got more than London on their radar. I’ve popped a few photos from the MyBag SS16 preview above just to give you a feel for what’s going on oop norf/an excuse to spend your well-earned dollar on pretty things.

Plenty more tinder nightmares to screenshot and send to your friends.

I’d love to know whether you’d ever move for a job, and if you have whether you think it was as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be. I’ll try and reply, but this flat’s currently lacking in the broadband department, so bear with me…


  1. Looking beautiful as ever Rebecca! I hope the new job is going well, sounds like a pretty exciting move! x

  2. that sounds ridiculously scary to me! i'm not one for going out my way to make new friends and come across as a bit of a shy bitch but you've made the move and how is it meeting new people and making new friends? tell me and pass on your knowledge please! xxx

  3. Lovely outfit and what a great adventure! The best part of moving somewhere new is definitely is trying out all the eateries and bars! Knowing the best places to eat is a must! I cannot wait to buy loads of things for when I have a house, my boyfriend even jokes about how much stuff we won't actually need I'm going to buy! I'm actually in the midst of deciding whether to commute from brighton to london for a uni next year, which is a big difference from what everyone thought you would but it'd be a big change for me!

  4. Love your outfit. I love little skits for the weekend. I was just wondering where your little lips bag was from?


  5. Love the outfit! The berry color looks so lovely on you! x

  6. Adore this outfit! Really hope everything goes well with your new home ad job!

    Grace xx


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