Hey, shorty.

24th birthday candles
It's my birthday.

Sorry to interrupt transmission blogmas (as if I was actually taking part, I've just spent the last 3 hours catching up and it's only day 6), but here's a little interlude of the birthday variety - it is my 24th, after all. 23's been a bit of a weird one, really. For a lot of people, 23 seems to be a lucky number; it always seemed to be people's number of choice when buying lotto tickets, although my only connection was my form room being C23 between the ages of 11 and 17. There's no point beating around the bush, the last year hasn't been my best. I've had a fair amount of health problems (shout out to all the staff at Royal London hospital who now recognise me), stopped taking bullshit which seems to have pissed off a few people, and generally ended up isolating myself quite a bit, probably as a result of putting myself under a lot of pressure, stress and generally not being as chill as I maintain. However, it's time to kick myself up the arse a little and think of the few things which have gone well so far. And you know what that means: TIME FOR A LIST. Because when have bullet points ever not helped a situation?

  • The people I have in my life are the strongest support network. As I get older, I have less time for fair weather friends (drinking buddies, all the time in the world for, but those who only crop up when they want something need to do one), resulting in a much closer bunch of pals. Unfortunately that means I don't live anywhere near half of them (North, y u so far?), but it does mean that when I'm sat there doing a Munch crica 10pm on a Tuesday there's always someone to tell me that it will be okay.
  • Professionally things are going alright. I have my wobbles when things are getting that little bit too much, but I'm consistently meeting targets and feel like a part of the team, so that's got to account for something, right?
  • I've introduced a few features in my blog that make things a little easier for me to manage. I am vaguely interested in numbers - we all are, and you're lying if you say you're not - but I don't generally care what they mean, I just like to know what percentage of people reading my blog are from Russia. Whether it's things like adding a gif or two, or making things a little more interactive with maps so you can have a peek of where things are - they're all little steps to make sure I don't get bored, and, in turn, hopefully means you don't too.
  • In general, I'm caring less what people think of me. Obviously I have my moments of despair/apparent melodrama when one slight comment will send me off, but I have a much more laidback attitude to what comes out of people's mouths when they're angry or drunk. Now all I've got to do is work on what I think, and the negative thoughts which run through my mind. Baby steps.
  • I suppose I ought to mention my love life here as I know you lot are all a load of nosy parkers, just like I am. Obviously it's still non-existent, but I am 100% happy with that, believe it or not. It only really affects me when I'm feeling particularly vulnerable or lonely (tying into the thing where people liver far away), but on the whole tinder is something to go on when I've got an hour to kill and dating is only viable when I have literally nothing else to do (i.e. never). There are some boys who I feel sad about when I think of them, but I'll get over it.
So, here's to another year, and cake for breakfast tomorrow. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, and things are starting to feel a little festive for you all!

Rebecca x


  1. Happy birthday! I can definitely relate to the last point and I'm 28. I'm just hoping that I will get rewarded for all this patience eventually. Hope you had a good day! x

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