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Shirt dress: c/o Boohoo. Hobbs boots: £40 (old). Metal bag: c/o Boohoo. Warehouse belt: about 75p (fill a bag sample sales are GOD, but not good for exact prices). Catarzi camel fedora: £25.

Hey look, it's not a LFW post! Don't get me wrong, I've spent weekends lost in car parks before (probably in Soho too, knowing what a night out on Greek Street's like) but I thought I'd leave Brewer Street carpark and the catwalks to the professionals for another season and spend my time at the seaside instead. When not in London...

As it's one of the last sunny weekends of the year, I thought I'd get the milk bottle legs out for one last jaunt in the sunshine. This dress might be on the short side, but everyone will have forgotten by the next time it's no tights weather (in June 2016), so I 100% went for it. I've not been feeling very 'me' recently when getting dressed each morning, but I love the cut of this one and will be wearing it without the belt and with the 120 deniers once Autumn properly shows up.

In a mild spate of ingenuity, there are a couple of new features (lol, let's be honest, I mean "fings wot arn't photos") I'm super sad excited about sharing with you. I'm looking to add a few more extra elements into posts because I finally taught myself how to make gifs and the novelty hasn't worn off yet. There's also a little map so you can see where these photos were taken and go explore yourself. Unless it's in my home, then you'll have to ask politely for an invitation to tea. I'll make sure there aren't hundreds because my 3G isn't unlimited and totally get it, but would love to know what you think of these new touches?


  1. So beautiful! That dress is just gorge! x

  2. LOVE your map idea Rebecca! Such a fun and slightly more interactive way to share outfits (: I adore the pattern on this dress. Think I had a shirt in a similar pattern that is now in the murky depths of my parents' place. Must rescue that at Christmas! xx

  3. That dress is gorgeous, but I'm even more in love with your bag! It's soooo pretty!

    Cat |

  4. girl, this is such a dreamy post! you look stunning and i love the print on the dress! hope you had fun xx

  5. This is such a perfect post! The dress, the accessories, the gifs! Perfect things to see on a Sunday morning!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  6. Beautiful photos as always! Love the little gifs! xx

  7. Look at you with your map and your GIFs!

    Also, you look beautiful - love the dress.

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