It's not you, it's your eyebrows.

Hey, even if I kinda look like Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler in one of these photos (guesses on a postcard/comment below), at least there's one guy who doesn't think I'm an absolute creep. 

From one place I haven't been in a while, to another: Colchester. Yes, it's got a castle. Yes, it's got a zoo. Yes, it's got a Missoula (those who know, know their jaegerbombs). What's not to like? Being just a liiiitle bit too far the "wrong" way along the A12 to permit frequent visits, it's been a fair while since I went there - for a roller disco, no less. My mum can take or leave it, but I got a pretty good vibe from the town. The beautiful rose-lined Castle park obviously called to me, and a shout out to the amazing charity shops too, but it was the labyrinthine streets of somewhere "out of town" that piqued my interest - probably more than is to be expected from someone who knows the nooks and crannies of the City like the back of her hand. And with one of my best friends heading here to study come Autumn, it looks like I'll heading back sooner rather than later: score.

On a side note: I've found THE t-shirt to ward people off when my withering glance just isn't enough. Finally.


  1. My oh my, those boots are to die for, so gorgeous! That tee is just so funny too! You look fab Rebecca, so so stunning! x

  2. Lovely outfit! Those boots are gorgeous and I absolutely need that top - it is great! :)

  3. Ah Colchester - I know that park well! Those boots? Girl those boots are fine!

  4. I love this outfit, I really need to find myself a t-shirt to ward people off!

  5. That outfit is perfect, I love the boots!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  6. Lovely location! Your top is so cute :) xx

  7. Those boots are really killer and give this outfit a nice shock. I love it :)

  8. Those boots are beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  9. I can't guess the nightcrawler pic >.< But, I love this T-Shirt (and the cat)

    Alice x

  10. I like this outfit and great photos!



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