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Lacoste stripe top: £42, Freeport Braintree. Oasis black jeans: £27 with staff discount. Adidas Spezial: £29, Freeport Braintree. Vintage bag: gift from Jazmine.

When getting the train home with Jazmine a couple of months back, I full on laughed at her dungarees, beanie and New Balance combination, stating that East London had 'happened' to her. Looks like I'm might have to eat a very expensive (probably vegan and bespoke) hat - a pair of black skinnies which fit and a bargain retail therapy session which had three stripes later, I'd fit in pretty well at Shoreditch Grind. No fixie bike is on the horizon, but this is a whole lot more hipster than I ever imagined possible in my peter pan collar days (note: my next post is going to be a whole lot girlier, keep an eye on my Instagram on Thursday to see why).

This one's now off to consume a full english and pints of orange juice, but do let me know in the comments if there are any trends you've fallen foul of despite your better judgement - yep, that does include those cargo trousers with the weird strap hanging off them circa 2001.


  1. Loving this, you look stunning Rebecca x

  2. Ha I remember those trousers with all the straps! Internaitonal was full of them...
    Love this outfit though, hipster or not - hope you had a rather lovely breakfast

  3. love this!

  4. Love it! That bag is amazing and I'm loving jeans and trainers at the moment. You're looking as lovely as always xx

  5. Love this, you can't go wrong with stripes, I have definitely fallen foul of a few trends, does anyone remember patchwork jeans?!

    Maria xxx

  6. Oh gosh, I remember those dreadful cargo trousers.

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