So let me restart.

There are plenty of things in life you can rely on. The list includes:
- re-reading 'His Dark Materials'
- cheesy chips
- 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
- a (strong, no sugar) mug of 'Yorkshire Tea'
- a go-to must-have wear-all-the-time little black dress

My collection of LBDs started way back when, and I always seem to treat myself to a new one every few months. Personal favourites include a velvet bodycon number I picked up for my eighteenth birthday (cor, this is a blast from the past, still stand by the sentiment though), all-over sequins for my twenty-first, and a velvet smock dress because velvet and smock. When boohoo got in touch and asked if I wanted to style up one of their dresses, I subconsciously very actively headed straight to the black section to see which one would be my next in my wardrobe. I decided to go for this shift dress with D-ring detailing (this one fits true to size, I probably didn't need to size up this time), and dressed it up with the prettiest shoes around and stacked rings. This worked out being the perfect Saturday lunch dress, because who doesn't love a dress you can adjust to fit more loosely post-dessert? No one. Absolutely no one.


  1. Love the look x

  2. You look great. That dress is beautiful!

  3. You look so so beautiful Rebecca! Just absolutely divine x

  4. A big thumbs up for this dress. Great post!

  5. You look beautiful Rebecca, I love this dress so much! I agree, you can never go wrong with a LBD x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. There are three things I cannot agree more with your list
    - Breakfast at Tiffany's
    - Yorkshire Tea
    - and your LBD!!

    Love a black dress, it's never a bad idea to channel some Wednesday Addam vibes.

  7. You look beautiful here, minimalism suits you!

    Maria xxx

  8. Wish I could pull off all black, you look incredible! :D
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  9. Ohh you look beautiful, defiantly rocking the all black!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  10. Thanks for sacrificing yourself to the coupon deal above so I could comment - I better make it a goodun! I LOVE the D-rings on this dress and you make Hatfield Peverel train station look way smarter than it is xxx p.s. you should wear your hair like this all the time!

  11. You look beautiful! Such a lovely dress, love how you styled it

  12. love love love these shoes!


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