And now I'm falling.

Mustard knit jumper: c/o Vero Moda. Vintage tartan skirt: £8. Bally chelsea boots: £8, via charity shop. Urban Outfitters hat: £12. Vintage patent bag: 20p. Essie Sunday Funday nail polish.

An article in the Metro about a new TV series called "Oh you pretty things" got me thinking (and, let's be honest that doesn't happen all that often when I'm up at 6.30) about how much music and fashion overlap. Apart from the incredibly worn band tees I've picked up from various gigs over the years acting like a little badge of honour, my influences are worn in a more subtle way, and a listen to a new band or an old favourite can often end up influencing my choice of outfit the next morning. I immediately associate Oasis with parkas, Babyshambles with fedoras, Florence with long, flowing dresses, and the Vaccines with bomber jackets. For some reason, this cosy little Vero Moda jumper paired with a tartan skirt and a centre parting makes me think of Haim and would be perfect for doing the Destiny's Child dance in, or maybe that's just me..? Now the aim's to look as good as Debbie Harry in a black slip dress and a slick of red lipstick!

Ironically enough, this weekend has actually involved dancing like we're in music videos (just not Anaconda) as I've spent it with friends in various bars over London and catching up on some of that precious thing I used to get quite a lot (you know, sleep). You may have noticed that I'm blogging less frequently than I used to, which comes as an unfortunate side effect of too busy to photograph anything, but you can find me on instagram and twitter for those inbetween days when you fancy a little splash of coco.


  1. I love your outfit! This sweater looks amazing paired with the skirt :) This look of yours really make me excited for fall :)
    Love Life Every Day
    everydaybeauty instagram

  2. That jumper is lovely - I hope you are not too busy and taking time to enjoy the little things :)

  3. I love your whole outfit and that skirt especially is beautiful! :)

    Opaque Moonlight

  4. Loving these autumn colours Rebecca. Hoping round bars sounds like the perfect distraction from blogging if you ask me!

  5. Such a beaut Rebecca, you look stunning! Just gorgeous x

  6. love this, will be great with tights and a scarf in winter too xx

  7. Gahh tell you what i bloody love your blog, and your outfit is amazing!! I NEED a mustard coloured jumper in my life for autumn/winter. And i love that you associate music with fashion I completely agree with your muses! x

  8. I absolutely adore the colour of your jumper it looks perfect for summer. Oh just imagine being able to get away with a black slip dress and some red lipstick and looking as good as debbie harry! I totally agree with music influencing fashion


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