I bet that Juliet was just the icing on the cake.

Asos bardot top: £10. Dorothy Perkins floral midi skirt: via House of Fraser. The Kooples leather jacket. Vintage patent bag: 20p. Bally chelsea boots: £8, via charity shop.

Southend is one of those places I tend to forget how much I love till I visit again. Although it offers a pretty good Monday night out, it's probably more famous for its pier, Adventure Island and Rossi's ice cream - nothing beats it! My mum and I popped over a couple of weekends ago on a whim and treated ourselves to a stroll along the estuary and, of course!, some fish and chips at the end of the day. There's nothing quite like a trip to the seaside to lift your spirits, and I just couldn't help but make the most of the day trip by taking some outfit photos, even if I do look rather windswept. Even though I'm no queen of the bardot neckline Dunya, I've found myself drawn to the shape quite a lot recently, and I snapped up this bargain top for a tenner on asos. Are you a fan of the trend?

Today has been considerably less cute, and I'm currently sat nursing a rather persistent hangover which even a trip to Nando's hasn't seemed to fix. I'm about to make my first cup of tea of the day to try and ward it off before settling down to catch up with blogs and youtube to round off the weekend - happy Sunday!


  1. booo hangovers are the worst. I'm feeling fresh but painting a cupboard so not very exciting. This neckline looks amazing on you xx

  2. you're right to be drawn to it, that shape looks so good on you (& the skirt doesn't look half bad either)!



  3. Love the skirt! I have a stripy bardot top and it's really nice. Simple but different.

  4. Love you in a Bardot neckline, you just look prettier and prettier in every post!

    Maria xxx

  5. Adore the skirt! Love this outfit on you.

    Allie x

    Rush & Teal

  6. You look wonderful in this! The bardot style suits you lady. Oh Southend :) The fella's childhood holidays were spent there with grandparents and he still talks about Rossi's lemon ice cream!

  7. pretty feminine but modern floral skirt! love it paired with the leather.

    lacee swan

  8. I'm just completely in love with this outfit, it's gorgeous x


  9. Love the outfit


  10. Hands down, my favourite Cohen outfit. In the world, ever.


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