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Just a quick update! I don't want to bore those for whom this is irrelevant, so I'll email you all nearer the time. If you still want to come and aren't on the list, just comment/tweet/email. You can find the original post here.

I'll be looking into booking restaurants in the next couple of weeks, but dinner at around 7pm seems like the most sensible option (probably the Quarter, TriBeCa, the Peacock... somewhere like that, give me ideas!). Obviously, I'll be around all day so if anyone fancies coming up earlier for a chat over coffee and a little bit of sightseeing (read: shopping) I'm more than happy to give up essays for a day! Let me know what time you're planning to arrive and, just like the best scousers ever say, We Can Work It Out.


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  1. Replies
    1. By which I mean "duh, liek watevz"

    2. By which you mean "I was hoping you'd say that?"

    3. Guess which one of us is the English student... Adding you to the list now (: xx

  2. you're the bomb rebecca. i'm gonna be free most of the day i believe as i've been planning to have it as a day off, as such. so long as there is a salad/non-wheat option on the menu i am happy. even if not, i will happily divulge in cocktails during the eating time! xx

    1. by divulge, i meant indulged. what a grimmer.

    2. hooray! Of course, Peacock's probably not the best option then, as it only serves pizza (and it's tiiiny, so would feel a bit bad at taking it over). I think it's about time I planned one of my ridiculous walks to places I don't really know to scout out the local "talent" xx

    3. indeed! peacock is lovely but i find it can be a little too loud sometimes. i could have a look around if you want? i'm above lago so am in town frequently. what about tabac, they serve an array of food i believe.. appetizers, snacks, tapas, burgers, and what not? xx

    4. Especially at weekends, it's just one of the first places that popped into my head. Ouch, that explains why you were complaining in your most recent post! Lago's ridiculously noisy, even on Sundays. I live near Moorfields, so know that commercial district really well. Ohhh, I've never been to tabac, adding it to the potential list! Kasbah's meant to be amazing, as is bistro jacques (if we're all 18 I reckon that'd be the place to go). Sakura looks nice, but it's a little pricey. I'd want to go somewhere "liverpool" rather than a chain, if that makes sense? xx

  3. I want to go to a blogger event!!!!!!!! Maybe someday.

    Mabel Time

  4. Wahh, I'm such a Southerner!
    P.s. Now following - don't know why I wasn't before? x

  5. awww i hope u have a fabulous blogger meet up!!

  6. I would do anything to be there ;(

    Missing Amsie Blog

  7. Wish Liverpool wasn't so far away or I'd totally be there x

  8. trains are so expensive for that day, would love to see you and Claire again. I am planning a bit of a Birmingham night out/reunion type thing for the summer thoug ;) xx

    1. Bollocks, really? And I though planning in advance would help! Eeee, brum sounds good though, can't wait (: xx

  9. i wish i could come, have a great time!

  10. Tweet me @shenmoo closer to the time, maybe 2 weeks before? I only live 30 mins away on the train and would love to come but it all depends on finances but i'd love it.

    1. Or i will put a remind in my diary to tweet you! ;)

  11. Def irrelevant to me but I am drooling over that beautiful old building! I'd love to see pictures of the meetup around town, esp if it involves so many cool sites like this. hope it was great!!

  12. Can't believe I've only just found out about this! I'd love to come :)
    Beauty Lover's Notes

  13. I've been alerted about this and it sounds fantastic, would love to come along too!
    Clare Dyckhoff

  14. I'd love to come along!
    Petit Chatons
    Laura x

  15. Hey this sounds like a majorly cool way to meet some other bloggers for a newby like myself, I'd love to pop into town to say iya!X


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