this woman was once a punk

rebecca cohen approves of viv at all times

this is vivienne westwood dressed as margaret thatcher.

sarah burton, creative director of alexander mcqueen, has just been spied going into the plush hotel that middleton is staying in tonight. yes, i am celebrating the royal wedding if wearing heels and a posh dress during the day and drinking something vaguely nice rather than whatever dirty cider is on offer in tesco can be considered "celebrating". just the idea of the future ("drink!") queen wearing a dress created by a company that is meant to represent something utterly and beautifully subversive is, in my opinion at least, inherently wrong.

i'll save the queen if someone throws a penny in my drink tomorrow, but she ain't no human being.

(tra la la, less ranty post next time, folks)


  1. hhaha that is amazing!

    I overheard some ladies in a shop the other day planning their royal wedding party - champaigne, fur and something sparkly seemed to be the consensus! It seems bizzare to me that people all over the world will be glued to their tvs at odd times of day, dressed up and cheering at wedding coverage?! But hey - I guess it is an excuse to dress up!

  2. I guess, even if you don't like the royals, you still get a day off! :D

    Maria xxx

  3. I love this cover! And I so agree with your point about sarah burton x

  4. Glad i wasn't the only one not extremely excited for it :/
    I hope Humpty Dumpty met your expectations and that you didn't just sneak to the side of the stage to see him and Mother Goose having an aftershow ciggy together. I'm going to see if i can't hunt him down and shake his hand :D

  5. cool post

    I follow U blog


  6. Hmm funny :)
    And everybody has their own opinion

  7. cool cover.

  8. haha love the cover! she is too awesome!

  9. just discovered ur blog and love it! nice cover here ! ;-)


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