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rebecca cohen giveawayrebecca cohen giveaway
alexa wants to celebrate too!

seeing as i've reached five hundred followers, its nearly christmas and it's my birthday next week (nineteen, scary) now seems like the perfect time to say thank you to all my wonderful followers. and, as it's the festive season, what everyone needs is that uglycute jumper to wear when sipping on glühwein and making mince pies.

this jumper is from a little shop in liverpool called pop boutique which sells mens and womens vintage clothing as well as homewares, cards and some of their own designs. this jumper is made by pop and it has reindeers on it. reindeers! it's super comfy, so when i've got my birthday money i may have to go back and get a similar one for myself. this is a medium and fits me fine (i vary between a 10 and 12 uk dress size, never thought i'd be saying that online...), i'd say it'd comfortably fit sizes 4-14.

if you'd like to enter just comment below saying what your favourite thing about winter is.
as it's a thank-you to my followers, it's only fair that entrants must be a follower of my blog via google friend connect/blogger. for extra entries you can tweet about this giveaway @rebeccacohen and follow me via bloglovin', just let me know in your comment.

the giveaway is open to international readers and closes on wednesday fifteenth december.

good luck (: xo

rebecca cohen giveawayrebecca cohen giveaway


  1. Gorgeous jumper great giveaway!

    My favourite thing about winter: I love the atmosphere of winter when the winters sun is peaking through the heavily snowed down branches of trees and it's beeming in through the window as I lay in my bed and watch films throughout the day ♥ x


  2. My favourite thing about winter: being able to go walking with my family at one in the morning, as the moonlight reflecting off the snow is enough to see by.

    Gay comments aside, genuinely love jumpers like this...

  3. my favorite thing about winter is the fact that hot chocolate, chai tea and coffee tastes so much better! you can snuggle up with the one that you love in front of the fireplace and watch christmas movies and listen to christmas music. winter is just the best!

    allister bee fashion blog

  4. My favourite thing about Winter is when it's ridiculously cold (like now) and I can stay in bed with my laptop watching films with food by me! I'm a complete sloth and Winter is a good excuse to be even more of one!


  5. Congrats on reaching five hundred followers! LOVE the jumper (and the photo of Miss Chung, of course).
    My favourite thing about Winter is layers and dressing accordingly. Oh, and not being judged for drinking cup after cup of tea, as it's somewhat expected when it's colder (but frowned upon on when it's boiling outside. Who would've thought?!) x

  6. i'm ALWAYS game for a give-away - COUNT ME IN!

  7. I'm following on bloglovin too :) My favorite thing about winter is snuggling up with my cat, a warm cup of hot chocolate, and my laptop, and watching snow fall through my window.

  8. enter me :)

    my favourite thing about winter is
    waking up in the morning with the droplets of snow falling from the clouds


  9. enter me :)

  10. My favourite thing..... has to be dragging the sled out of the shed, finding a suitable hill to go down as fast as I possibly can and laughing when I ALWAYS fall off at the bottom - and then sharing ginger biscuits and tea huddled together under blankets. In fact I'm off to do it now.
    Have a good december

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  12. My favorite thing about winter is just about everything! After fall, it's my favorite season. I love chilly weather, snow, and ice -- I know I must sound like a total freak.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  13. Such an cute, v.xmassy and winterry jumper!

    For me my favorite thing about winter is the clothes. As a lover of fabric, I love wearing as much of it as possible. I love wearing layers and creating different combination of outfit (which is impossible in summer as you just want to strip off and lay in the sun)

    I love your blog and your amazing sense of style!


  14. Sooo cute!!!
    My favorite thing about winter is Chrstmas!!!!
    I've been following with bloglovin, but I just followed with google too

  15. Hello,
    my favourite thing about winter is wearing millions of wooly layers, inside and out. And the crunch of snow under foot (it sounds like you are walking on cornflakes).
    Congratulations on 500+ followers. I can hardly say i'm surprised, you and your blog are very very charming. I hope you are well, wrap up warm, brrrrfreezing out!!! x.x.

  16. Lovely sweater!


  17. Already a follower!

    My favourite thing about winter is that I get a lovely new, good quality coat which my gran pays for.
    love my granny.


  18. lOVE THIS SWEATER!!! I follow you on Bloglovin google friend and blogger!!!!
    My favourite thing of the winner are the oversize pull! I love wear those! And also drink milk and chocolate on the night!

  19. Well it is summer in Sydney as of today - so all I can think of is - what I love about winter is not getting sun burnt!!

    awesome giveaway xx

  20. Love itttt, enter me please!
    I'm a follower via google.

    Tweeted! http://twitter.com/fisiwoman/status/9733792705019904

    Ana Belén R.M

  21. fantastic sweater youve got there. and some really nice shots to go along with it!

  22. Brenna Likey~~
    Hehe anyways...
    My favorite thing about winter is how everything melts together after it snows. You know, when everything is white, and then sun comes out, and the snow from the bushes melt together from the snow on the ground because it's so bright out? And it's so cold and peaceful, and your ears are stinging from the cold but you don't even care<3

    See, er... the only problem is I would like to enter but I don't know how to make a Blogger/Blogspot account... if I follow you on Tumblr will that count? If not can you give me instryctions on how to make an account in my ask box? :)

  23. Lovely jumper! Well, what I love most in winter is spending time with friends... Drinking hot chocolate, discussing, you know! This is something that doesn't happen in summer... :)

  24. Aw, that's lovely! Definitely wanna enter.

    My favourite thing about winter would have to be GINGERBREAD LATTES!

    ...and of course, the whole spending time with family & friends, exchanging gifts, eating lots of food etc, etc... ;)


    (P.S. in regards to your comment, I am a HUGE fan of the Boosh! -- excellent taste)

    My favourite thing about winter is that while everyone complains about how freezing it is, I love layering up to go out and walk round the fields where I live and looking at how beautiful everything looks with the leaves gone.

  26. OMG I love this jumper I would love to entre.
    Oh Happy birthday incase you are not on here, wow 19 ! You making me feel well old :P

    My fave thing about winter is that it seems like a time when people come together, when people caught up with family and friends (yes maybe only once a year on Christmas day or whatever) but they put everything aside and sit down and eat !! What's better than that, I also love seeing my sons face at the snow and that I too am a winter baby (Jan) and love to cosy up. People tend to look after themselves more and not care as much about what they are wearing. I also love wearing a big chunky scarf (if you wore in summer you would look like a freak)

    hehe. vintagechicuk@yahoo.com

    Oh well done on the 500 BTW and let us know what you get up to for your Birthday xxx

  27. I follow through GFC, but on Bloglovin' as well!

    And my favorite thing about winter, besides it being a festive happy time, is the fact that I can wear crazy festive oversized sweaters (like the one in this giveaway) and not look like a crazy cat lady! :)


  28. I'd say my favorite thing about Christmas is the whole atmosphere. Nature looks beautiful & the air smells fresh. It's time for ginger-bread house making & hot cocoa!<3

  29. The silence on Christmas Day because everyone is inside with their families.
    And the fact that my Grannie seems to be able to get an advent calender to me no matter where I am on the 1st of December! (I'm 21 and still not too old for one).

  30. My favourite thing about winter is definatly december when the whole christmas atmosphere kicks in (like today!)and everything seems to smalle of gingerbread. i love going into nice warm cafe's and having a delicious hot chocolate and watching everyone who comes in go 'ahh' because its so warm compared to freezingness outside. And, its about the only time of the year that we're all allowed to behave like 8 years olds again.

    Love, Lizzi xxxxx

  31. Congrats on the followers! Hope you have an amazing birthday next week!

    My fave thing about winter is....
    hmm, it's a tuff one because of all the magic that surrounds this wonderous season; there's the twinkling christmas lights, the smell of gingerbread and hot chocolate whisping through the winter winds, the fact that every year some random guy rearranges the plastic elves outside of santa's grotto into an inuendo-ous manner... but out of everything I could say I think the thing I love and will remember most is this....

    Rolling down a hill in a blanket. Yes, I really did just say that.

    Last year me and my cousins trecked up this massive hill in the park not far from my house and we had races rolling down the hill... in a blanket. It's a crazy past time of ours (that isn't exclusive to winter) but it's better then because the snow builds up on the blanket and turns into a snowball. Oh yes, a giant human snowball. (It's not the safest of traditions, so please please don't try it at home!) But even if we never do it again I'll always remember it...
    I guess that memory defines what christmas means to me - it's cold, fleeting and little bit nauseating, but no matter what I'll always love it and all the crazy moments I share with my family and friends.

    Haha, I don't expect to win with this entry, 'cuz let's face it I sound crazy, but I just had to share it ;)
    x x x

  32. oh my god im looking for a jumper just like this
    i think my favorite thing about winter is wearing jumpers like these, coming home from school and drink some hot chocolate
    and i love all the lights on the streets :)

  33. oh i've been looking for a jumper like this for ages (also i dont really own any real winter clothes yet)!
    my favorite thing about winter is to just spend the whole day inside watching the snow fall and spending some time with friends and family while listening to christmas songs :)

  34. this jumper is so beautiful. i love ugly clothes.
    my favorite thing about winter is when your gingerbread latte comes in the RED starbucks cup! but if i'm honest, pretty much every single damn thing about winter makes me happy :) :) :)


  35. My favorite thing about winter is the quiet mornings when no one is awake and I get to sit in bed and watch the sun rise :)

  36. my favourite thing about winter is snuggling up under a blanket with a good book and mug of hot chocolate.

  37. my favourite thing about winter is layering up, scarves, gloves the lot, oh and awesome jumpers like this one.
    i also tweeted about it. http://twitter.com/#!/nicolaannabelle/status/10017231970762753.
    oh and happy 19th birthday for next week! :)

  38. ooh That jumper looks cosy :)
    my favourite thing about winter are the crisp mornings !! x

  39. Might be silly but my favourite thing about winter is to protect from cold, in sweet ways: sitting next to the fireplace with a blanket, drinking hot chocolate and tea, wearing scarves and hats. Not to mention the Christmas countdown, more than Christmas itself. It just makes me happy!
    I'd love winter even more if only here could snow only once...

    Anyway, sorry for my bad english!
    And I tweeted about this (http://twitter.com/#!/curucuzz/status/10081650759176192), and i'm following you on bloglovin and tumblr as well! =)



  40. My favourite thing about winter is coming home into a nice warm house, snuggling up in bed with a nice cup of hot choc! Love the jumper, Ive been looking for one just like this! :) xoxo

  41. My favorite thing about winter is getting to wear tights. I'm not the biggest fan of winter xoxo

  42. Thats a rad sweater! I am having a giveaway on my blog too!

  43. that is adorable! i've only just found your blog but i'm following now :)
    my favorite thing about winter is....christmas!! x

  44. So cute!

    I follow you now!

    My fave thing about Winter is cuddling underneath the blanket!

  45. My favourite thing about winter is getting Milkshakes and trying to pretend that outside isn't colder than the drink. Or else sitting inside drinking copious amounts of tea waiting for the snow to fall. Or risking my life in ridiculously low temperatures late at night. All of those would do me :)

    I don't want to enter, however much I love the jumper, I just thought I'd let you know :)

  46. Happy Birthday! And thank you for giving us the chance to win such a great gift. :)

    My favorite thing about winter is when it's over. Not to be Debbie Downer, but I'm a summer girl all the way. I hate snow, despise cold weather and loathe the time change. The only thing that makes winter bearable is a cute & snuggly sweater. ;)


  47. Oh my god this sweater is so darn cute! :D :D
    I just wish I could actually feel how winter is like :(

    Hugs from Malaysia!

  48. Oh my god this sweater is so darn cute! :D :D
    I just wish I could actually feel how winter is like :(

    Hugs from Malaysia!

  49. Hunny you make christmas sweater look fabulous! Love this post! Great blog - I really like your voice and style sense.
    Check me out when you get a chance! I'd really appreciate it :)

    xoxo, Jinna


  50. amazing jumper!

    my favourite thing about winter is falling snowflakes. no two snowflakes are identical, it's beautiful. i imagine myself as a snowflake. free-falling, carelessly. and for that moment i've no worries or no problems.
    we're all kind of like snowflakes - we're all unique. and when we fall and rest, we're a blanket, together as one.

  51. happy birthday :)!
    my favourite thing about winter is being warm & cosy inside with my boyfriend/friends/family while it's snowing outside.


  52. Happy 19th! My 17th birthday is soon also!
    What do I love about winter? Well, first and foremost, I love the spirit that comes along with winter. The holidays seem to make everyone cheer up (I know they sure put me in a good mood!) I also love the fact that the holidays are a great time to spend with your family. Everything seems to slow down during winter and you can actually relax and take in every aspect of life. The snow is also nice, it just covers the ground in a sort of immaculate blanket.

    Winter is simply beautiful!

  53. Congrats on your followers and Happy Birthday!!:D That jumper looks amazing; )

  54. Cute sweater <3

  55. cute sweater. the alexa chung picture is funny ^^

    xxx kissmequick

  56. Oh, what a wonderful sweater! Congratulations on your followers, and happy birthday, dearest!

    My favourite thing about winter is the music. There is nothing more healing than listening to a bit of Bon Iver on a cold night; or any beautiful music for that matter. I am a Winter child by birth, and being somewhere cosy on a rainy night makes my heart beatbeatbeat like a hummingbird.

    Lots of love, xxxx

  57. Dan le Sac VS Scroobius Pip = L.O.V.E
    I love that song so so so much.

    & what an adorable jumper, now I just have to enter & happy birthday!

    My favorite thing about winter is blankets. You huddle together with friends or lovers under a blanket to smoke outside in too little clothing at a strange hour of the morning/evening and watch new snow settle and old snow melt. You swamp yourself in it to watch crappy Christmas telly with the family because the heating isn't quite enough. Just lovely & cosy, isn't that what everyone needs in winter?

  58. i like the pattern of your sweater

  59. thank you so much for your comment! (:
    take care,

  60. such a gorgeous sweater! my favorite things about winter are: the first snowfall, christmas, ice skating and the last day of winter ;) hope you have a happy birthday!! xo


  61. I love your jumper!!! :) so sute :).
    What I like in winter? I love ice skating! Yesterday I bought new skates, so... let's go to the icerink :).

  62. I really love the sweater! It is so so cute!



  63. My favourite thing about winter is that it is never the same experience when you travel around the world. In Australia it does not snow but in London it's an ice age... I love that!


  64. owwww i wish i won >_< following you on google!


  65. also I tweeted about it @InesHunt


  66. What a lovely jumper!
    My favourite thing about winter is that every year I reread jane eyre in the week or so between christmas and new year .. I just wrap up on the sofa each night with lots of tea and read it, it's one of my favourite books and such a winter tradition for me now! :)
    Hope you had a lovely birthday!

  67. ohhh super cute winter sweater!!! my fave thing about winter is being able to wear cute gloves and scarves!!


  68. i tweeted!! and now i follow you via twitter!!


  69. I'm in!

    My favorite thing about the winter is that people are dressed all cosy and warm. And we're really there for each other. I don't know what it is with winter but it brings people together and that's so nice (: It's also a begining of a new year. And we forget the bad things about last year and were start thinking about the wonderfull things we want to do in the new year. And I LOVE Ice skating. It's so cute when I see a couple Ice skating together.

  70. amazing sweater! love it haha.
    my favourite thing about winter is the holidays :) such a happy season, being home and everything. and it's always a well-deserved break after going through finals and everything!

  71. My favourite thing about winter is the anticipation building up to Christmas and how everything's so cosy. Oh and when people fall over on slippery paths hehe!

  72. i'm pretty sure this will fit me too so why the heck not,

    i love winter in the summer, but when i comes round i see why i do love it but also get annoyed with it so much. i love it when it's cold(maybe snowy) but not windy and wet, which is usually is ere on the NW coast.

    but the main thing is that it's the time of year that everyone comes together and spends time missed with each other, think that is my main thing

  73. what a HUGE giveaway! The best part of the winter is the snow and the cold night around the fire with the family! Amazing


  74. Wow, amazing giveaway! Of course I would like to enter, haha!

    My favourite thing about winter is that winter means partytime to me! In Holland we celebrate Sinterklaas on 5 dec, christmas of course and New year! Ans a lot of birthdays. This jumper would be perfect for a cold New Years eve! Would love to win.

    I wish you a happy birthday and just wanted to say, I love your blog. You photos are amazing!

    x Emma


  75. gorgeous jumper! my favourite thing about winter is being able to sit in front of the fire with a christmas tree smelling perfectly of pine needles with fairylights wrapped around it <3 xxx

  76. Thanks for the comment :) definately a follower of your blog now!
    I could list so much that i love about winter:
    Those warm evenings in front of the fire.
    Family at christmas.
    Crisp, cool, clear mornings.
    Oh and being able to give gifts to those he appreciate them. xxx

  77. Oh and i tweeted too :D i really want to win this haha xx

  78. My favourite thing about winter is when I go home for Christmas, and I'm sat in my nice toasty lounge and it's freezing outside, and I've got my cat on my lap and have a cup of tea and my mum and sister and I watch lots of old films/boxsets.

  79. awh, that was the best sweather ever!

    oh, there is soo much cute about winter! but my fav thing about winter is actually the sweathers. you can wear big, cute, nice, warm and confy sweathers.
    you wear the most comfortable cutest sweather and the snow sparkles in the dark. soo beautiful

    i'm following you on bloglovin' like i have done for like 6 months or something now, haha!
    take care prettygirl, x

  80. such a lovely jumper, my favourite thing about winter is the sense of freedom after mocks, nothing to revise, just loads of shopping and relaxing :)

  81. Following=] and thankyou for your lovely comment!

    What I love most about winter is cosy nights in with my boy, wrapped up in multiple duvets (because we students can't afford heating), eating homemade cookies and watching old films on our broken TV, or going for long walks in the country with my family followed by proper pub dinners and mulled cider=]
    Kind of the closeness, and the way that everyone comes together at this time of year=]

    p.s starbucks christmas blend coffee also helps!


  82. Love the sweaterrr.
    and i love your blog.
    sometimes winter make me depressing.
    because its sooo cold :p
    but i love the nature when it's winter


  83. my favorite thing about winter would have to be christmas- the feeling, the tree, the gift-giving, love actually, the christmas starbucks cups, snow angels, baking, dancing in the snow- just everything really.



  84. favourite thing about winter has to be christmas. the lights on the tree, the cheesy songs, the funny hats, giving people presents... it's my favourite thing in the whole world!
    x x x

  85. Aw, so cozy! My favorite thing about winter is all of the fun winter holidays (and parties!).


  86. best thing about winter...
    the cosyness and that feeling of warm love for everybody, when your just on the streets.
    i live for that feeling. :)


  87. I'm a follower on Google Friend Connect - LOVE that ugly cute jumper!

    My favourite thing is when it's freezing cold but beautifully sunny outside, so you go for a nice crisp walk before coming back and feeling justified in having a huge mug of hot chocolate and some form of yummy cake. Oh, and seeing the cheeky little robins in the garden.

  88. Love that jumper :)

    My favourite thing about winter is going to the ballet with my sister (we try and book every year just before xmas to get us in the festive spirit!) I think i love the run up to christmas more than the day itself. My least favourite part of xmas is working in retail and having to deal with the nightmare of the post xmas sale, urgh xx

  89. Hi! my name's martina and I come from Italy...I love your blog and I'd like you visit my blog...if you want, follow me!!! I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss ^^

  90. gorgeous jumper.

    my favourite thing about winter is the long romantic (or friendly ha) walks in the countryside wrapped up in lots of gorgeous layers, wearing wellies and then coming home for a hot chocolate sitting by the fire. :D


  91. fab giveaway!

    Blending Style, Celebs and Fashion

  92. hi darling.
    i already follow you via bloglovin .now via friend connect&twitter
    my favorite thing about winter is the fact that after winter comes spring and summer which i love.. ;)


  93. Weeeheee, this giveaway is amazing! I'm entering and you know i've followed you for ages now. Ummm, i adore winter, how can i choose one favourite thing? I love the dark cosy nights, thick tights and of course Christmas which includes dragging the christmas tree in from the car, strawberry creams from the quality street tin and seeing the naffest animatronic penguins and elves doing penguin and elfy things ;)
    Fingers crossed, i'm searching everywhere for the perfect jumper!

  94. Such a lovely sweater! And I thought I already was following you... apparently not, but that's been rectified now! Happy birthday in advance!

  95. thank you for your lovely comments:)
    this is a gorgeous jumper enter me please
    im so looking forward to christmas, def my fav thing about winter xxx

  96. love love love! my favorite thing about winter this year has got to be a tie between eggnog lattes and cuddling. we haven't had heat in our house yet as our landlord is working on getting us a new furnace, so my husband and I have done a whole lot of huddling up together under piles of blankets with our little terrier cuddled up in our laps. while the cold is no fun, the cuddling makes up for it somehow.

  97. Cute sweater! My favorite thing about winter has to be the parties people throw at home since no one wants to go out. Board games, good wine and great appetizers are a fun way to bring friends together. And of course the communal complaining about how cold it is! But of course everyone is actually quite cozy indoors.

  98. Oh this is such a lovely jumper! Wearing knits is one of my favourite things about winter, and Christmas lights, and nights by the fire drinking hot chocolate... :)

    I was already following you through bloglovin and now through blogger as well (though I usually only use bloglovin).

    Hope to win, the jumper is really amazing! :)

  99. My favorite thing about Winter is the chunky, cozy sweaters that you can thrift or knit for friends.

  100. my favourite thing about winter. ohhhh winter... snuggling, endless cups of tea, being able to sta indoors all day and no one thinks your being lazy cos it's WINTER. and of course the amazing clothes you can layer up. tights, boots, coats. sorry that wasnt just one thing. but i love winter

  101. Christmas! and snow


    I follow you through bloglovin

  102. good luck to me


  103. I appear to have completely forgotten to enter this, until you reminded me just now. Thank you! What a smashing jumper - there's a Pop Boutique in Leeds near whre I live and I love it.

    My favourite thing about Winter...well, that is a tricky one, because I HATE HATE HATE Winter with every bone in my freezing cold body. But I will have to go with what no doubt 104 people before have said, and say that Christmas is my favourite thing about winter. I also have my birthday in February (21 next...argh!) so the presents and party times tend to get me through to long cold nights. There is really no other excuse for me to get out of bed in the winter months. And let's face it, Christmas could be in the middle of summer and it would still be the absolute best time of year!

    Em xx


  104. Following on blog lovin! Thanks for visitin my lil ol blog! Such a cute sweater, it should keep me warm here! hehe. My favourite thing about winter in mixing jag and nog. delicious!


  105. congratulations!

    my favorite thing about winter is throwing snowballs to people while you're sitting in the bushes haha! lots of angry people but i find it so funny!

  106. WINTER!

    My favorite thing about winter isn't just one specific thing, it's everything - the athmosphere, the snow, the feeling that you only can get sitting in a big couch with a big cup af hot chocolate. I don't see the winter as something just about Christmas, it's about the joy and the athmosphere.


  107. My favourite thing about winter is the build up to Christmas when everyone is feeling really festive and happy but maybe stressed at the same time about buying presents :p I also love winter fashion...big cosy jumpers are my favourite thing ever <3

  108. My favorite thing about winter is the cold weather and winter fashions! And of course Christmas :)

    I'm a follower of your blog :)

  109. best thing about winter is definitely the snow, the christmas festivities, and time with family <3


  110. Well I might as well give it a go :p

    My favourite thing about Winter is when it's freezing cold outside, and you're tucked up in a warm bed with a hot drink (and of course when you wake up each morning to see a christmas tree in your house!)


  111. Such a cute sweater!
    Im following you via blogger and bloglovin!
    My favourite thing about winter is the holiday sprit everyone, or most people seem to have. The mood is lighter and everyone is so much more nice and in a cheerful mood!
    Thanks for the oppurtunity to win this jumper! <3


    -Ashley K

  112. Would love to have this and wear it with skinny jeans

  113. the thing about winter is...snow, hot chocolate and long warming bathes :D
    hope you had a great weekend! i wanted to thank you for your last comment on my blog! remember it means a lot for me, so i hope you will stay in touch with my blog - it's easy with k come karolina on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :)

    xoxo from rome

  114. ahh I'm originally from Manchester and I love Pop Boutique.
    My favourite thing about winter is that it means I'm going home. I'm studying in America for a year and I haven't seen my friends and family or England for nearly 4 months so that is what winter means to me this year. I can't wait to get home and see everybody that I love.


  115. Gorgeous jumper!

    My favorite thing about winter here in Paris is spending nights cuddled up on the sofa next to my husband, drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow fall outside our balcony.

    You have a great blog here :) Congrats on the 500+ followers!

    - the runaway

  116. My favourite thing about winter is snuggling up in a cold morning! :) by the way, happy birthday !

  117. Ooo, I love the jumper.

    Hmm. My favourite thing about winter is when you walk outside in the morning and the chilly wind kind of hits your face and even though it's damn cold, you just kind of enjoy it because the leaves have fallen off the trees and it looks beautiful and you know it's nearly christmas. I love that feeling. It maybe just a feeling only I get but anyway. That's what I love about winter.

    Congrats on the 500+ followers :)

  118. Oh i'm looking for a sweater JUST LIKE THAT!! oh my god it'd mean soo much to hav one!

    Favourite thing about Christmas is the moments sipping hot coco with friends and family <3

    I tweeted (emilysdiary)
    and followed:)

    hope you'll follow me back though ;)

  119. O M G r u serious??? im DIGGIN such jumper!!!

    well, id love to join this game but ummm, we don;t have christmas here in Indonesia, can i still join can i still join??? just by imagination??

    hmmmm, the best thing about christmas is it's the time *and perfect reason* to put on many layers on yout outfit w/out even have to worry that ur gonna go wrong...tee - cardi - coat - knitted shawl or...just a PERFECT jumper like that and fashionably chillin by the fire >.<

    i'll tweet this too and repost it on my blog!
    hope u reconsider me to be in this game T__T

  120. Oh I absolutely adore this jumper!!!!

    My favorite thing about winter is Christmas of course...mainly because of all the lovely time I get to spend with family - and all the delicious food and baked goods for sure.

    I follow you via google friend connect.

    Thanks for a beautiful giveaway:)

    xx Marisa http://www.shadesofmonetmd.blogspot.com

  121. hi again!

    i just wanna tell u that i have tweet this giveaway
    my twitter name is @arioachda

    and i have reposted in on my blog
    you can check by simply clicking the link below:


    thx for droppin by and pls again reconsider me joining and winning the game *okay it sounds too persistent now* LOL
    hv a great winter!

  122. The best thing in the winter is for me that one can make himself comfortable it at home, with his friend can cuddle and everything shines outdoors and one drinks and eats so many tasty things.


    oh your blog is that great:)
    now i follow you.
    where are you from??

    love, julka

    ps.i want to win :D

  123. sorry
    i've forgot
    i follow you furthermore with bloglovin and twitter!!
    and of course on blogspot:)

    love, julka

  124. So this is weird but I haven't entered the giveaway yet because it is so damn hard to say my top favourite thing about winter.

    But I figured that if I want to have a chance I should comment now. Well... There are so many things about winter, but I must say that, at least right now, it's the weather. Cold weather makes me feel so healthy, plus it makes most things (like being indoors, heat, even food) feel better. Also don't get me started on walking without getting too sweaty! :P

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