Photo: Sonia Rykiel fall 2011, courtesy of The Cherry Blossom Girl

I spent a long while today making a present for a friend's birthday today. Patti Smith was my soundtrack to my labours, an album recommended to me by a friend. There wasn't anyone else in the room while my oil pastel smudged fingers shaded the various areas of the page, but I was still unwittingly surrounded by their influence.

I was having a discussion earlier about whether friends are worth it. He was saying that he doubted he'd keep in touch with anyone when he moved on to university in September. Maybe one, maybe two, but he wouldn't really make that much of an effort to try and retain the closeness that he'd built up over the past seven years. I wondered if I was an exception to this rule, or if I were just another person who was an annoyance in his day to day life.

To me, friends are inextricable from me. So what if sometimes they're annoying? They are integral to my progression, they make me happy, they make me sad, they anger me, and I've cried myself to sleep over them. Songs remind me of them, and my walls are littered with photos of us.

The photo below was sent to me by one. I have no idea where it's from. All I know is that it's saved as "me and jo". I think that's all I really need to know about it.


  1. I love this post. I love the photo. I love what you wrote. Ive been graduated from highschool for two years. I dont see the people i used to hang out with. I would rarely see anyone if it werent for the fact that I work in the mall. :p I do however hang out with one person I never thought in a million years would ever WANT to hang out with me. And everything changes. Its not that you dont want it to. It just happens. Its a shock. Kind of like growing up. You cant make it happen. It just does, and its a process, and a shocking one full of surprises. And most of my friends are people Ive met through church events. They live all the way across the country from me. And I dont know if Im that important to them, but Ive cried over them, have songs that remind me of them...friends are a very personal thing. They know all about you, even if they dont know it. I love to let my friends know that I love them. They all think Im weird for it too :p
    Hope your friend likes her gift!

  2. LOVE the second photo, it's so emotional! also love how rykiel has her girls- makes them smile and bounce about!

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