frosty wind made moan

Day One: check-in.moulin rouge.dinner.sacre coeur.hotel room.

Coat; Topshop. Jeans; Topshop. Jumper; New Look. Necklace; Accessorize. Bag; vintage. Boots; Topshop.

Day Two:ée d'eiffel.crêpe du room.

Skirt; American Apparel. Cardigan; vintage. Necklace; Topshop. T; Topshop. Chambray hair clips; Primark. Tights; New Look

Day Three:ée d'orsay.walk in rain.croque moiseur.notre tour of tour.bypass chanel store and galleries room.

Dress; Reko for Topshop

Day Four: restaurant.swap seats on on

T; Luella for EDF


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