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A long weekend in town, the Manchester fashion blogger way.

There's nothing like having someone come to visit, in order for you to realise all you do with your weekends is spend a weird amount of time eating and drinking. "You'd like to do something else, you say?", leading to a quick flick through your mental vaults of What To Do and thinking all your trying to be a Manchester fashion blogger location recces were a bit useless, and maybe Dusk 'Til Pawn at 2am probably isn't a good shout when your guest is your mum. I suggested she stay in ABode, as it's a good distance from Piccadilly and where I live, whilst also being juuust far enough away from bars. And the walls have books all over them. From there, we headed to old favourite Ezra and Gil for lunch, and then wandered round town. Because, of course, it was raining, so there wasn't all that much you could do.

The next day, we headed to Media City, and spent the morning checking out the Lowry gallery. My mum's a big fan of Lowry's work, and it was only ignorance that meant I wasn't too. There was a talk given by a guy who was weirdly like my dissertation tutor (horrific flashbacks to the week before hand-in), which gave a little insight into the artist's life. I'd definitely recommend if you're a fan, or, if you're entertaining, it's freeee. As we were that side of town, it was only polite to head to the Trafford Centre AKA the Vegas of shopping centres. That evening we enjoyed some prosecco in the hotel. Because if you've got the chance to drink some fizz, who would turn it down?

On the last day of my mum's visit, we went for breakfast at Koffee Pot (always. Hands down best breakfast in Manchester). The sun was starting to show itself finally so we snapped the above photos before heading to the Portico library and Manchester Art Gallery for the Vogue 100 exhibition. Definitely saw a few Manchester fashion bloggers shiftily making their way along the photos. I see ya.

So, while I add a few more places onto my Manchester roster, are there any places you'd recommend? Always happy to test in advance, particularly if there's a cafe.

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This French life.

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Picnic perfection in an asos midi dress.

If the French are known for anything, it's their food. Of course, diets were abandoned on first mention of the word baguette, so a picnic in the grounds was one of the most anticipated parts of the entire trip. As it was bloody boiling a bit hot, I'd decided to go for an asos midi dress (meant to have a bardot neckline, but anyone else find them constantly slipping off their shoulders?) and some courts. I think I've reached that point in my sartorial life where shapeless dresses are King, and can 100% see me buying this in every colour, 'cause easy. But, as always, I'm getting a little carried away...

Our day started with a trip to the rooftop for a series of talks named "Life Lessons" with Stylist France Editor Audrey Diwan and blogger Freddie Harel. I, of course, knew Audrey's book "How to Be Parisian" from seeing it on every coffee table across the country, and I'd previously worked with Freddie on a work project, but it was amazing to see these two women so at ease at commanding a room.

We then sat in on the Stylist editorial meeting, where we had a group chat about what sort of things we'd like to see in the issue (that came out last week). As someone who's only really written for online titles before, it was interesting the see the differences between the two, and see the issue come to life via the flat layout on the easel in the corner. 

We then headed into the grounds to sample some more of that French life: cheese. Rather than the ol' buy something from M&S and then sit on the plastic bag trick I've perfected over the years, this picnic was definitely more refined. Tables guys, tables. We sat among the citronella candles accepting I was to be bitten within an inch of my life, but dampening the pain with the taste of brie. So much brie, so little time.

The afternoon was dedicated to exploring the castle and its grounds, where we headed off (covered in insect repellent) to find an old folly full of bats, before heading back to sit poolside and make the most of the sunshine. That evening we were welcomed into the chapel to watch a film, however Laura and I decided to chill on the roof terrace instead.

The next day we headed back to Nantes to catch our flight to London. Thankfully, the sun had travelled across the Channel with us, making the bump back to reality that little bit easier (to be honest, the gin and tonics probably helped with that too). Monday's inbox could wait until then, because I was too busy dreaming about the last week.

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Chateau de Stylist.

Welcome to My Crib.

Well, grey-skied Manchester this ain't. A few weeks back, amongst the 20% off everything at PLT emails clogging up my inbox, I noticed something slightly more exciting. Booked holiday and a fair amount of repressed excitement later, I was headed off to City airport to catch a flight to Nantes along with Stylist magazine to Chateau de Stylist. Just to clarify, I wasn't invited as a blogger (lol, I barely even blog any more, no chance), I entered the competition they'd been pushing a little while and was lucky enough to be selected to head along too. As Facebook was telling me I'd spent this time last year slumming it in a tent at Glastonbury, I rocked up to a bloody chateau. I live a life of contrasts, it has to be said.

Before arrival, all we knew about Chateau de Stylist was that we'd be experiencing a taste of #ThisFrenchLife and the team would be creating an issue (out last Wednesday, pre-Bastille Day) on site. Little did I know about the five star treatment we'd be receiving. Our room suite wasn't one I was able to give up easily, and had the most amazing hamper of french pharmacie treats ever - with some Bioderma micellar water just in time to replace my kidnapped Garnier version from airport security. We were treated to Chambord cocktails on arrival, before heading upstairs to sample a little french sunset and head to dinner.

Of course, this trip was the perfect excuse to pick up another striped tee, this one courtesy of Topshop's Summer sale, and I paired it with my new love culottes and fit like a glove boots from Public Desire. Because, we were all about adding a little french je ne sais quoi to our time while we were there.

I've got another post on my second day there coming up next week, cos it was impossible to keep all that perfection to one blog post. Impossible.

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Topshop striped tee: £15. Alexa Chung x Marks and Spencer culottes: £39.50. Topshop fedora: £7. Public Desire Lia boots.

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