Good times, these are the good times.

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Tie neck blouse: c/o Next. Oasis velvet trousers: borrowed, coming soon, sign up here. Boohoo suede heels (old, similar). Laura Ashley trench coat (old). Missguided fedora: £15. Rimmel Kate Moss 08 lipstick.

There are lots of things you can rely on. For example:

- The Weather. Going down to the water? Don't be an idiot and wear flared trousers, a hat liable to following the wind and your hair down matched with lipstick. And do not, by any means, photograph it - you should see the outtakes. Back in Maldon, I decided to wear a pair of trousers so long I had to hold them up through the pockets of my coat (#shortpeopleprobs, these are a sample and I'm pretty sure the real ones won't be this long) and everything else lying at the far end of the sensible spectrum.

- Childhood Glee. Making gifs is still one of my absolute favourite things to do. Look at it! The sea is moving! I made it go backwards!

- Tie Neck Blouses. Without doubt, they will make you feel like Blair Waldorf. Excuse me while I go find a headband and fish out my Gossip Girl boxset from the bottom of the pile.

- Next Day Delivery. Cinderella shall go to the ball. And she shall be wearing a brand new outfit, because an overflowing wardrobe does not an outfit make. Happily enough Next now offer next day delivery for a mere £3.99 (or free to store, music to the ears of "I'd rather spend it in Pret" me) if you order before midnight. So if you do lose any shoes on your night out, there'll be a new pair ready for you the morning after the night before. Have a peek at how the other girls have styled this blouse by checking the #nexttake12 hashtag.

Let your body talk.

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The Kooples leather jacket. Therapy monochrome dress: c/o House of Fraser. Adidas Spezial: £27.

Hello, is it sports luxe you're looking for? Even if it may seem like the person asking the question is spam call number 23 of the day (and it's only 10am), I think I might have just found the perfect way to dip my toe into a trend I've been avoiding just as much as the gym.

I've been living in my Spezials since nabbing them in an outlet store in Braintree Freeport, but I'd never really tapped into anything more sporty since. Much like my attitude to dating, there's not all that much point in wasting my time of something that's not going to work out until I find 'the one'. Thankfully, there's proof true love exists as I found this monochrome badboy on the House of Fraser site. It's a bit bodycon, it's a bit colour blocky, and it's a whole lotta need-this-in-my wardrobe perfect. It might not be something I pop on for a trip down the shops, but it definitely held up for a day of coffee, then afternoon tea, then cocktails in Shoreditch. Perfect first date, all things considered.

Tongue-tied and breathless.

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Warehouse leather jacket: £1, sample sale. Warehouse check shirt: £1, sample sale. Oasis Isabella jeans: £27. Hobbs boots: £40. Asos fedora hat: £25. Jaeger clutch bag: £25, Freeport Braintree (similar).

Hello, is it a mid-week post you're looking for? Regardless of the answer (or if you're reading this on Saturday), this is exactly what you've stumbled across. I'm not one for blogmas, vedj or whatever weird acronym is magicked up next, but I'm feeling blogtober and am aiming to get two posts up a week for this month only. Which either sounds:
a) lame. But then again, you're the one reading it;
b) not that much effort. You try working full-time, having a 37.5% abv social life and then touching your laptop post-collapse at home; or
c) superhuman. The one I'm going for, as I cough myself into oblivion.

Depending on the audience*, I tend to tell people I'm from Chelmsford. This is true - I do live here, sleep here, write this blog post here. But aside from vegetating in knitwear of an evening, my trips into town don't really consist of much more than heading to the station before the sun's even risen or a rare trip to the gym. To mix things up a little, my mum and I headed to Chelmsford Museum as they had an exhibition (strong word, it was a room) on about the history of swimming costumes. It's an odd little museum, featuring a lot of military history, shout outs to Marconi and some taxidermy, but there's a lot to be said for day trips that take less than half an hour to travel back from. A trip down the road calls for ultimate comfort, so I plucked my skinnies from the top of the pile and learnt a little bit more about where I live. Some people (I'm looking at you, Dickens) may have thought Chelmsford was "the dullest and most stupid spot", he might not be far wrong, but apparently Hendrix played here once, who knew? 

*Never ever tell boozed up men you're from Essex. Ever.

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