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Photos by Carmen.

Yes, you're seeing that correctly, the sunglasses are officially out. With temperatures forecast to soar to 21°C tomorrow, I think I've picked the right time to head home for a London weekend, aka wardrobe swap. I'll be sure to keep my new Little Nell Jewellery easily accessible in Munich, however, as I seem to be returning to a silver jewellery phase. When Penny asked if I'd like to try something from her shop, I gladly accepted having seen her items on plenty of my favourite bloggers, and, as stags have turned into my group's motif, I decided to select this necklace: anything with antlers goes down well in my books.

Anyway, time to dig out my oyster card and reacquaint myself with the DLR (hooray for friends who live next to the magical robot skytrain!). Now, to decide whether I need to pack tights or not...

In the darkest night hour.

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uk fashion blogger
stylight fashion blogger awards
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Photos by Carmen.

It seems like forever ago that I was Berlin, but it was only just two months back - how did that happen?! The main reason for going was the Stylight fashion blogger awards. I know that there are a few UK blog awards, but I have honestly never seen anything on this scale which still manages to be fun. Whilst rubbing shoulders with some of the most influential people on the internet (erm, hi Chiara Ferragni, Fanny Lyckmann, and Negin Mirsalehi, to name a few), we were treated to everything from essie manicures to a runway show, and had such a fun night that it really did remind me that the blogging community is so much bigger than typing up posts in my pyjamas. Blogging is pretty different on the continent, with one in four Swedes writing their own blog, Kenza appearing on her country's equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing, and the wide variety of blogger agencies promoting some amazing talents, this was the perfect way to celebrate such a now-not-so-niche career which isn't often held in high esteem. I'm not sure LFW will be hosting its own fashion blogger awards any time soon, but it was the perfect excuse to head to the German capital!

Not only did I have the best time at the Stylight fashion blogger awards, but I was also kitted out specially for the event by Missguided. On hearing that I was headed to the coolest capital in the world (soz London, you're fun, but... Berlin), they asked if could give an insight as to what it's like to head to one of the smaller Fashion Weeks. Of course, I took this ready made excuse to take food photos, and I would absolutely love it if you would read the feature here.

I might be great tomorrow but hopeless yesterday.

vintage brown mulberry belt
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Asos denim smock dress: £36. American Apparel silky collar tee (worn underneath): £18. Vintage Mulberry belt: gift from Danielle. Topshop boots: £27. Brit-Stitch satchel. Vintage necklace. MyOptique glasses. Topshop "Mischief" lipstick (discontinued).
Photos by Carmen.

Sometimes photos just don't turn out quite how you imagine them. I very nearly didn't use these ones, but it seemed a shame to assign this attempt completely to the bin, and I needed to justify my hoarding to my hard drive. So here's to frizzy hair, wonky lipstick, rainy days, and a much better post coming your way on Sunday.
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