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what to wear with mom jeans
zara navy coat
topshop frilly socks
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rotary leather strap watch
missguided black buckle chelsea boots
Zara navy coat: £30. Aubin and Wills breton top: £30. Brag vintage mom jeans (new'uns here). Buckle chelsea boots: c/o Missguided. Topshop frilly socks: gift. Rotary watch: gift. Mememe cosmetics "sparkle" lipgloss.
Photos by Carmen.

Kavita always used to mock my smiling blog photos, but when you look at these it's pretty obvious that my standard facial expression is "bitch face". Surprisingly, I wasn't actually hating life when taking these photos, whatever my face may say otherwise. Anyway...

Considering I never wore jeans a year ago, this is turning into a staple outfit, à la Mlle Purvis. I remember her trying on a pair of AA mom jeans in Liverpool and quite clearly thinking that I'd never ever wear a pair myself, but it would appear that I'm a bit of a hypocrite. Paired with my favourite Aubin & Wills (RIP) breton, some kick-ass boots, and with frilly topshop ankle socks peeping out, I feel like this is something that I can just slip on without too much thought when I wake up bleary eyed in the morning. And, look mum, no burgundy!

Today I'm heading out to see the Nelson Mandela film with a few of my friends, which is the first time I've been to the cinema since seeing Les Mis last year. I'm not really a cinema person, and much prefer watching films in the comfort of my pyjamas, but as this is a little bit of a novelty I'm going to leave the tight jeans at home and go for a smock dress to match my portion of popcorn. A very large portion.

Make pretend it's 1969 forever.

vintage gold blouse
uk fashion blog
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american apparel corduroy skater skirt
top uk fashion blogs
missguided ponyskin bag
british fashion blogs
Vintage gold blouse: 50p, via charity shop. Truffle American Apparel circle skirt: £15, via ebay. Ark cut out boots. Ponyskin box bag (unfortunately now sold out): c/o Missguided.
Photos by Carmen.

When looking through my photographed charity shop bargains it seems like this top has never quite made it onto the blog, despite buying it last Summer and wearing it countless times. In this instance, it was for the filming of the new Stylight TV advert which we got paid for in beer and sweets (what I'd spend the money on anyway) and watching my new pal Rosa jump up and down like a lunatic while Lydie, Aida and Anne took what must've been their billionth shot of the day. For me, however, the final cut at P1 was my cue to jump on the u bahn home to shower, get changed, and head to Lauren's (doing make up on the train, a skill that once learned never leaves) for a real night out which, thankfully, was not caught on camera. I can however confirm that it did involve trips behind the bar and spilt sambuca shots, I'm not really sure what more you could ask for!

You're gonna see that we're not the same.

uk fashion blogger
carven wool shorts
the kooples leather jacket
black leather biker jacket
just female blouse
Photos by Carmen.

For a fashion blogger this might sound a little odd, but I actually really don't like buying clothes. Don't get me wrong, I like having new things and collecting pretty labels (probably just me that keeps the nice ones), and finding bargains in the sales is always fun, but I find trying things on and finding the perfect addition to my wardrobe a real chore as I'm so fussy with what I wear. As I hadn't bought any new clothes since being in Munich other than these shearling wedges, Lauren and I decided to forgo the high street and headed to one of the quieter parts to have a browse away from the crowds. Kauf Dich Glücklich is a bit like a tiny Urban Outfitters but with the feel of an independent boutique. And it sells coffee. Lauren bagged herself a half price Cheap Monday beanie, and I was quite happy to get this blouse reduced from €65. (Let's be honest, I bought it because it's a top half version of a smock dress and it's burgundy. Someone stop me from buying anything else in this colour please.)

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