Been watching cowboy films on gloomy afternoons.

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Ava Dress: c/o Dahlia. Denim jacket: £63, Hobbs. Chelsea boots: Topshop (old). Fedora: £15, Missguided. Bag: gift from Jazmine. Watch: gift, Rotary. Rings: H Samuels, Rock n Rose and vintage. Earrings: gift, vintage. Lipstick: MAC Ravishing.

This time last week I had just handed in my last ever university essays and was singing in the shower getting ready for a night of celebrations. Since, I've tackled my university's Guild Awards, tried not to cry through an acoustic Miles Kane gig (harder than you'd think, folks - thanks to Bido Lito for hosting the JD Roots competition I won!), and this weekend Jazmine and Olivia came to stay, to send me off in style and take a few outfit photos at the same time.

I've been meaning to photograph this Dahlia dress for a while, having ideas of running through fields of gold in the warm evening sunshine... so we went to the Bluecoat, and took the best alternative Liverpool could come up with. I love the lace overlay and mesh details on the sleeves, making it dressy enough to leave accessorising to a bare minimum (although I couldn't resist adding my Rock n Rose ring which I thought I'd lost over a year ago, weird things turn up inside your stationery containers!). I do have a habit of wearing party dresses during the day, particularly when high-street brands like BANK Fashion offer such pretty ones that you can eye up on the way to Tesco, but when you consider how much fun they are to swish in I reckon it's perfectly acceptable.

I'm not really sure what my plans are for the rest of my time here, but as I've only got a week and a half I better make some quick! Reckon I can coerce my mum into helping me tick the "scouse night out" off of my bucket list?


Take me to the place I love, take me all the way.

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1. Sabby at Polo in the Park.
2. Rizzle Kicks doin' the hump.
3. Polo!
4. Walking on sunshine.
6. Pizza.
7. Hampstead.

It really has been a long time since I last posted any of my film photography, we're nearly halfway through 2013 and this is the first time I've shared some this year! It can prove to be a rather expensive habit once you've bought the camera, film, and got them developed, so I've had to put it on the backburner for a while, but I'll be sure to capture as much of my last couple of weeks in Liverpool on film as I can. These are some snaps taken with my Lomography Action Sampler which I bought on a whim last year. It's one of their cheaper cameras (I think I paid about £20, but it's currently out of stock on their website) and takes 35mm film, so it's not too bad regarding cost as you can just take the finished film into Boots rather than go to a specialist. I like it as it takes four photos in a row, giving them almost a cinematic feel, rather than the static nature of photography.

If you'd like to see more, I use a disposable camera and a fisheye too!

Anyway, that's enough procrastination for me, back to the essays it is (deadline Tuesday!). Good luck to the rest of you third years out there, not long to go now, and then we get a couple of weeks of down time before starting something which I've heard is called Real Life?

Don't forget who you are.

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Shift dress: c/o Boohoo. Heels: gift, French Connection. Bag: gift, French Connection. Bracelet: gift, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Necklace: Grace Face Boutique. Lipstick: MUA.

However much I'm trying to pretend it's not, it's finally reaching the end of my time in Liverpool. On Monday, I'll be attending the English Society's Summer Ball - so of course that means time to get a nice frock on! This is a bit of a sneak peek for any of my course friends who may be reading, but I've settled on one of Booho's boutique dresses to celebrate in style. I love the pastel two-tone nature of it, so am praying that I don't come home covered in sambuca, as is the normal post-night look. I've paired it with these (oxblood, I know) heels that I bought with a voucher in the sales that are impossible to walk in. But they're pretty, so it doesn't matter. I can't wait to sit in the Bluecoat with a cocktail, listening to nineties hip-hop with a group of the most amazing people I've met over my three years in this city.

Posh-ness aside, ahem, we swapped our Friday post-seminar cake trip for one to the newly-opened Free State Kitchen. Burgers seem to be a London obsession, and I can't go a week without seeing a blog post about the newest joint in town. Trust me, I do love a good Byron (and they're opening one here soon!), but FSK certainly rival their Southern counterparts. And they have rosemary salt. I went for the cheeseburger, but Sita definitely enjoyed her hotdog, and Clarity was pleased with her veggie option. We're all determined to try as much as there is to offer in our last weeks here. If anyone's got any Liverpool-based recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

I'd also like to thank my wonderful flatmate Amy for taking these photos (and bearing with my "can you get a close-up of my bag?" x 100000), and I'm going to bully her into putting the photos I took of her onto her new blog asap!

it's cohen: uk style blog - free state kitchenit's cohen: uk style blog - free state kitchenit's cohen: uk style blog - free state kitchen

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