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It certainly has been a while since I've posted any of my film "photography" on my blog. In fact, I still have a set to scan, and a few rolls of film waiting impatiently to be developed, but I like to think this'll only heighten the surprise/shame when I do finally see what delights are trapped inside the feared negatives. I don't see myself as a photographer, and leave the technical stuff to Jazzy, Lily, Laura and Sophie, but I still like to have a camera (or two, or three...) in my bag to capture moments in time. I know that a lot of people think bloggers ought to have a pricey DSLR to be worth taking up precious pixels, but my little point and shoot and I are plodding along just fine. The above photos were taken with a job lot of expired disposable cameras purchased from ebay, working out as well under one British pound each. They may not grace the pages of a glossy magazine, but I'd rather have a stack of these than a floor to ceiling pile of Vogues any day.

Today marks the end of a summer of interning. Three months of commuting past the Olympics - done! I'm being a little cheeky and leaving early today, in order to get to Brownstock festival before the ticket office closes. It's becoming tradition to end my summer sitting on a ground sheet surrounded by a buzzing bassline from afar, friends cross-legged playing guitar as the sun sets, and dancing to unknown (and familiar!) bands. I may have dreams of Coachella, but I really don't think anyone can do a music festival like the brits!

Enough romanticising, and a quick mention of romance - I'd just quickly like to say congratulations to the newly wedded Mr & Mrs Wren. I wouldn't put it past Eloise to make her first dance a Pitbull tune...


oh! darling, please believe me

Black Pippa dress: c/o Darling. Grey oversized jacket: £31.50, Topshop. Watch: gift, Rotary. Cameo necklace: £1.50, charity shop. Brown frame bag: £3, vintage. Black two-tone flats: 50p, Russell and Bromley via ebay.

Happy August Bank Holiday!

I hope you've all had a relaxing day off? Today, my mum, brother and I headed off to Maldon to sample scones (big surprise), avoid the Essex Lion, and prove the theory that it will always rain on this day of the year. I picked up a couple of charity shop bargains, before battling through the elements towards Promenade Park for afternoon tea. It wasn't a high-adrenaline, activity-filled day, but it was exactly what I needed on my day off. With only one more week of my PR internship left, I'm looking forward to a little slice of summer fun, in the guise of Brownstock Festival and London Fashion Week. Daily life in East Anglia has been most welcome, but the allure of the North West is tangible, and I can't wait to move into a new flat with one of my closest friends. However much I love being home for the holidays, you just can't beat a little bit of change!


Went for a walk down the old King's Road to see if anybody was there.

Floral top: £2.75, Topshop, via charity shop. Denim circle skirt: £28.50, American Apparel, via ASOS. Polka dot pop socks: £1, Primark. Two-tone ballet flats: 50p, Russell and Bromley, via ebay. Bag: gift, Marks and Spencer. Polka dot sunglasses: £1, Primark. Skull bracelet: £11, Made, via ebay.

Yesterday was, in short, hot. Walking westwards along the King's Road (in an outfit that probably cost less than the average person's left shoe), Danielle and I were rather grateful for our sunglasses and the occasional breeze. Neither of us had ever visited the Royal Borough before, despite obsessively watching Made In Chelsea, so it was about time we braved the Circle line and saw what all the fuss was about.

In all honesty, the King's Road itself is just a high street. Admittedly, it is a very nice high street, as the average shop is Jigsaw or Comptoir des Cotonniers, but if you wander off the tourist-infused street, you'll have the opportunity to gaze wistfully at wonderful architecture, and maybe even doff your cap to A. A. Milne at his former place of residence (yep, I'm a blue plaque geek). On a more palatable level, there's plenty of scope for rumbling stomaches. We were hoping to try out The Bluebird Restaurant until the sight of our already rather empty purses decided that it wouldn't be the most sensible option. Instead, we tried out The Chelsea Teapot. If you like a good scone - who doesn't? - then this is the place for you! For just over a fiver each, we managed to indulge in some sweet homemade treats; Danielle tried her first ever (!) red velvet and it got a very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Apart from the World's End Vivienne Westwood shop and the Saatchi Gallery, are there any other places you'd recommend in SW3? I'm such a Sloane Square Stranger!



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