Went for a walk down the old King's Road to see if anybody was there.

Floral top: £2.75, Topshop, via charity shop. Denim circle skirt: £28.50, American Apparel, via ASOS. Polka dot pop socks: £1, Primark. Two-tone ballet flats: 50p, Russell and Bromley, via ebay. Bag: gift, Marks and Spencer. Polka dot sunglasses: £1, Primark. Skull bracelet: £11, Made, via ebay.

Yesterday was, in short, hot. Walking westwards along the King's Road (in an outfit that probably cost less than the average person's left shoe), Danielle and I were rather grateful for our sunglasses and the occasional breeze. Neither of us had ever visited the Royal Borough before, despite obsessively watching Made In Chelsea, so it was about time we braved the Circle line and saw what all the fuss was about.

In all honesty, the King's Road itself is just a high street. Admittedly, it is a very nice high street, as the average shop is Jigsaw or Comptoir des Cotonniers, but if you wander off the tourist-infused street, you'll have the opportunity to gaze wistfully at wonderful architecture, and maybe even doff your cap to A. A. Milne at his former place of residence (yep, I'm a blue plaque geek). On a more palatable level, there's plenty of scope for rumbling stomaches. We were hoping to try out The Bluebird Restaurant until the sight of our already rather empty purses decided that it wouldn't be the most sensible option. Instead, we tried out The Chelsea Teapot. If you like a good scone - who doesn't? - then this is the place for you! For just over a fiver each, we managed to indulge in some sweet homemade treats; Danielle tried her first ever (!) red velvet and it got a very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Apart from the World's End Vivienne Westwood shop and the Saatchi Gallery, are there any other places you'd recommend in SW3? I'm such a Sloane Square Stranger!



I know we're all in this business kind of thing

rebecca cohen
Beige blouse: £2.95, vintage, via charity shop. Navy wrap-over pencil skirt: £1.50, vintage Next, via charity shop. Navy cross-over shoes: £3.95, vintage. Belt: Fat Face. Bag: mum's. Lipstick: Chanel Gabrielle.

Long time no see! Life's been a little hectic due to travelling for far too many hours, and immersing myself into another internship. This whole 9.30-6.00 business can be rather tiring! I admire those full-time workers who still find time to blog in their spare time. Thankfully I still manage to see my friends, including bloggers who know me well - hello Jade! - and I serendipitously work in the same building as Charlie, which means trips to our ninth floor cafe! Yesterday I managed to get some rays on my lunch hour by sitting in Gordon Square Gardens with an icy drink and a copy of Wish Magazine - a pretty perfect break, if I do say so myself.

Outside of the office, I've been up to Liverpool for a quick weekend to find somewhere to live next year, which is a long, boring, and incredibly stressful affair, but I believe we've got a nice pad now. We even managed to get back in time to juuust catch the Closing Ceremony which was only rounded up by the amazing bloody Who! Admittedly it was rather lacking in David Bowie and the Rolling Stones, but, as the Kinks got a look in, I'm a happy girl. And for those who fancy something new, I'm leaving you with a girl we've been listening to non-stop in the office: D E N A


with love, from southend-on-sea

glamorous mint green blazersouthend on seaglamorous mint green blazer
Mint green blazer: c/o Glamorous. Black strappy top: tesco (I think...). Floral chiffon skirt: £15, American Apparel, via ebay. Black Chelsea boots: £60, Topshop. Belt: 20p, charity shop. Cloud bag charm: gift, Luella.

If you ask the average Essex resident for their opinion of Southend you're likely to get quite a varied response. The high street is rather generic, littered with chain stores and night clubs, while the seafront is home to (possibly!) more fish and chip shops than grains of sand. Yet it boasts the world's longest pier, and, most importantly, it is where Rossi ice cream was born - both black cherry and banana are my favourites, it's impossible to have just one. I don't visit very often, but when I do you can guarantee a trip to Oldham's will be on the cards, finished off with a meander down the promenade to the Peterboat in Old Leigh to watch the sun set over the docked sailing boats.

In typical British fashion, the weather was rather changeable, so I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to air my first ever non-uniform blazer. I have always associated this item of clothing with stuffy classrooms and the one time I didn't put the lid back on my fountain pen, and the entire right-hand side of my pale yellow blouse was dyed a rather lovely shade of blue... However, the mint green did take the scholarly edge off things slightly, and sitting by the shore, with the sea breeze blowing my hair whilst sipping on a fruit cider took me as far away from assemblies and Friday afternoon German grammar "treats" as I think it's possible to be!


smiley face nail artleigh on sea

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