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1. New Year's Eve
2. Cambridge's deceptive sunshine
3. Tea, somewhere near Goodge Street, trumping fashion week
4. Tequila smiles and cowboys to celebrate Amy's fifth birthday
5. I own the weirdest things. Model: MJBT
6. Olympics themed social
7. Cheesecake in the grounds of the cathedral

I haven't posted any photos from my disposable cameras for a ridiculously long time, the first is all the way back to New Year's Eve (just past the stroke of midnight, clutching champagne, not aware that people intended to stay awake for another nine hours, start as you mean to go on, and all that...). The last was taken by Jazzy when we met up a week ago for sweet potato fries and unflattering photos.

Unaware of the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool's two football teams, I found myself on the most packed train ever (second only to the one I got to Sheffield to see Arctic Monkeys. Last June everyone was wearing band t-shirts, this time it was football strips), but I'm back in the North now, and have no excuses not to do my essays. Apart from writing a blog post, of course. It is lovely to be back. I had my moments last year (massive understatement) which involved me seriously considering dropping out, but, right this second, I am so glad I've stayed. Liverpool is a beautiful city, which I've grown to love in the year and a half I've lived here, and I've met some rad people in the process. Although I understand neither the football obsession nor the scouse brow, I know that I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. And, for some reason, tea tastes nicer here.


Rebecca Cohen | Rebecca Cohen

Easter at Hylands Park

Military jacket: £7.50, charity shop. Blouse: £13.50, Topshop. Floral chiffon skirt: £15, American Apparel via ebay. Scouts belt: 10p, charity shop. Leather bag: £3, charity shop. Lipstick: "Gabrielle", Chanel.

Happy Easter!

Yesterday I met up with Jazzy to eat plenty of carbs and drink plenty of rosé - as per. Later I met up with a few friends from my secondary school to celebrate another twentieth (we're all so old!) and my feet are still feeling the four inch heels and Labrinth combination. After a much needed lie in, my mum and I went to Hylands Park for afternoon tea. If you've got that niggling feeling in your mind as if you recognise that name, it's probably because Hylands is the setting for the southern half of V festival. If you live anywhere near, I really recommend you visit when it's not filled with tweens covered in UV paint. The pleasure gardens are beautiful, and the house has recently been restored to its former glory - I am such a history geek. I'm off to Prezzo in a minute to catch up with a friend over pizza, and then I'm sure we'll find ourselves in the pub - it always happens! I hope everyone's enjoying their long weekend, and are ready to go to the supermarket tomorrow to buy reduced easter eggs. Or is it just me who does that...?


Rebecca Cohen | Rebecca Cohen

Country Girl

Red checked shirt: £2, charity shop. Denim circle skirt: £28.50, American Apparel via ASOS. Leather belt: 20p, charity shop. Bag: gift, vintage. Chelsea boots: £60, Topshop. Collar necklace: £3, Miss Selfridge. Black and clear stone ring: £1.25, charity shop. Isis stud ring: c/o Rock 'N Rose.

Love climbing in brambles and being caught out by the self-timer as I try to disentangle myself from their thorns. Primark's finest tights are now lying crumpled in my bin.

Home's been wonderful so far; from catching up with friends that didn't go to "big school",  to house parties followed by blaring spice girls out of the car window on the way home the next day. I was also lucky enough to be invited to the Motel Rocks Spring party, which meant I could spend the evening with some cool chicks pretending to be chill (an image immediately discarded the moment I knock hangers off rails, or something equally embarrassing). The lovely lady from Rock 'N Rose was there, and I was able to take this spiky ring away with me. I have been a punk ever since. And I'm angry. About stuff. All the stuff. So here I am, dressed like an impractical cowgirl, to prove it.


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