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I've written about Orla Kiely before, and her classic prints have always featured in my "one day!" lists. I was delighted to return home - at well past midnight, thanks to Greater Anglia - to an envelope containing my ticket to an Afternoon Tea Dance the next day. It was the highlight of my day at LFW, to sit round one of the lace-clothed tables under a glitter ball with mini Victoria sponges and be serenaded by the jazz band while the girls twirled round the dancefloor. Michelle, Elodie, HannahAshley, and I all fell in love with the first dress' sequinned collar. I was rather partial to the glittery ankle socks; I already have a few pairs in my wardrobe in preparation for any future tea parties! I wish I knew who the models were; the girl in the last photo was so lovely, and I'm rather upset at how badly the photo has turned out, but you can't guarantee anything with film photography (although that is half the fun!).

Obviously I acted like a fangirl completely cool when I noticed that Leith Clark, editor of Lula, was there. I know it's an awful photo, but I'm still so, so happy to have met her, as Lula's the one magazine I search up and down the country for. Literally.

Life has been distinctly less glam recently, just been curled up under my duvet with tea (I'm running out) and novels ("Caleb Williams" and "Confessions of an English Opium-Eater" are the most recent). I hope you've all been up to more exciting things than that!


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Mary Katrantzou and 120 denier tights.

Mary Katrantzou tee: £27, Topshop NEWGEN. Denim circle skirt: £28.50, American Apparel via ASOS. Black chelsea boots: £60, Topshop. Watch: gift, Rotary via H. Samuel.

I wear tights thicker than most people's leggings.

Here is the evidence that I succumbed to one of the NEWGEN tees. It was a three-way tie between this, the Christopher Kane, and the Meadham Kirchhoff, but ease of washing (how frustratingly practical) and lack of creepy doll meant Mary Katrantzou won. Probably the most expensive t-shirt I have ever purchased, but I always end up regretting not getting a piece of the collection so thought I'd be a victim this time round (let's not mention Marni x h+m just yet...).
Last Wednesday I went to Reel Unknown (photos on one of the many disposable cameras I need to get developed) which I cannot recommend enough. I also participated in my first round of proper pub golf last week and I didn't do too badly, next week there's an English social with an Olympics theme so I'm guessing there will be a lot of lycra involved. FUN.

Don't forget about the Liverpool meet up!


Rebecca Cohen | Rebecca Cohen

Liverpool Meet-Up

To say missing #ldnlunch upset me is a slight understatement, so I mentioned on twitter the idea of doing a (smaller scale!) Liverpool version, and a few people seemed interested. After talking with Emma, we thought that Saturday 28th April would be a good date, i.e. before exams and long enough away for people to get time off work, if necessary.

This is just me trying to find out how many people are interested.
If you are, please leave a comment stating your name, blog address (if you have one), twitter (same), email address, and your preference as to whether we'd go for lunch or dinner.

Please spread the word, and I hope to see you all soon!


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