Every week between Renaissance and Romantic (capital R!) lectures, my friends and I go to Cuthbert's for cupcakes and tea. I'd pretty much forgotten the significance of today until I saw that most tables were occupied by couples with red velvets, so we disturbed the peace by musing upon how reading English at University equates to holding teaching as your only ambition in the eyes of the majority of the populace.

The only romantic (little R!) aspect of my day involves these heart-shaped doughnuts that I won from Krispy Kreme in a competition they ran on their twitter yesterday. Someone come over for a sleepover and help me finish them??


ps, the second photo is one I took of the newest Banksy in Liverpool. If anyone wants to see it, it's in the car park of the Pig and Whistle, just off Chapel Street by the Liver Building.

Rebecca Cohen | Rebecca Cohen

Tortoiseshell and Indigo

Coat: £63, Topshop. Blouse: £12; Primark. Jamie Jeans: £18, Topshop. Bag: £8, vintage from Manchester. Ballet flats: c/o Le Bunny Bleu.

Some things never change: the wind in Liverpool (my excuse for the Myspace style hand-in-hair pose, I swear). But some things do: I'm wearing jeans! I shan't lie, I'm still not convinced, but when I run out of clean tights these suffice well enough. Anyone else have a real jeans phobia?

Another 'new' thing is that I'm wearing completely flat shoes. This never happens, even my Russell and Bromley "flats" have an extra inch. This lovely pair were sent to me by Le Bunny Bleu, so now I have to stop being short and in denial. They're actually a sort of wine tortoiseshell colour, but the annoying February light doesn't really show that so I've added a close up, starring Ikea bedsheet. There's a store in the strattaz Stratford Westfield opposite Dr Martens that you should check out if you're there.

I'm off to make myself another lemsip as I thought it would be a really good idea to walk home in February at 4am in a sheer shirt. Sure. My duvet (and Sidney's "Astrophil and Stella") are calling!


Rebecca Cohen | Rebecca Cohen

Her fav'rite midnight haunts

Striped top: £30, Aubin and Wills. Corduroy skirt: £15, American Apparel via ebay. Socks: Internat├žionale. Patent loafers: £15, Russell and Bromley via ebay.

Despite barely having a moment to myself (which means to just sit and catch up on Gossip Girl with a hot chocolate) it kind of feels like I've done hardly anything recently. Since my last post I've finished exams (Victorian literature did not go well. It probably didn't help that about thirty people left to go to the toilet, seriously??), got back the marks of last semester's assessed essays (they were much better), and went to Cambridge for the weekend. But now I'm back in Liverpool and am officially halfway through my degree; this thought has resulted in many a breakdown and existential crisis, so nothing too dramatic.

These photos were taken by Jazzy during a cute lunch date when I was home over Christmas. Making the suburban look rad is our day job.


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