The Hand That (Motel) Rocks the Cradle

Do I win the "last to blog about it" prize?

1. Dina at Whistles.
2. I can never resist a red velvet. You can tell by my face...
3. Me, Elosie and cocktail umbrellas.
4. With Jazmine (I need to stop putting my hair behind my ears).
5. Appreciating cupcakes with Dina! Thanks to Elosie for the photo

Three weeks ago (ha) during my reading week I went to London to meet up with some lovely people. I met Elosie and Dina at Euston and headed directly (for we did not get lost) to the Whistles SS12 press day. Bright colours, stripes, lace... Let's be honest, Whistles haven't ever got it wrong. I felt kiiind of uncomfortable after reading the guestbook (companies included Vogue and InStyle, that I can remember), so we headed off to to the Motel bloggers evening. There were so many people I knew. Probably definitely came across like a stalker, but it was lovely to finally meet people I've "known" for what felt like forever over mojitos prepared by Motel Student Ambassadors (of which I am one too, my first post can be found here) and Lola's cupcakes provided by GlossyBox.
Thank you to Selina for the invite, and as a bonus she's given me a discount code for 15% off to pass on to readers of this humble blog, just type in TOPBLOG15 at the checkout. I picked a dress for my Christmas Ball next Monday, which is doubling up as my birthday dress (twenty on Tuesday, oh jeeze), so I'll "unveil" it when the event (read: hangover) is a mere memory...


Rebecca CohenRebecca Cohen

it's like you're trying to get to heaven in a hurry

Jumper; £10; Ryan Vintage Liverpool. Necklace £9; ElsieBelle. Skirt; £30; American Apparel. Patent Loafers; £15; Russell and Bromley via ebay.

This is the only photo I managed to get where my hair isn't in my face (here's a good example of your classic hairinface scenario). I've currently got it pushed behind my ears so I can ignore it, but I promise you that it's incredibly windy in Liverpool today.
Okay, I caved, I bought something else. This jumper is from Ryan Vintage which opened a couple of days ago about halfway down Bold Street (apparently they have branches in Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield too). Texting my friend, she noted the irony of having summery flowers on a winter jumper. Whatever, it meant I didn't freeze today.
On my way to campus I picked up my train tickets for tomorrow's meet up in Birmingham, are any of you going? I had a ridiculous amount of fun last time, and even though I'm not staying for the night this time round, I can't wait to explore the Christmas Market.


ps, I created a FAQ page. Ultimate procrastination.

It's always darkest before the dawn

Taupe Lambskin Medium Leather Pouch; £46; American Apparel. Copper Embellished Shorts; £58; Topshop. Bone Chiffon Tee; £40; American Apparel. The Collingdon Blazer; £269; Jack Wills. Python Serpent Heel; £195; Allsaints

Bow-embellished Suede Ankle Boots; £320; Red Valentino. Octet Key Pendant; £1,150; Tiffany. Glitter Velvet Bow Clutch; £28; Topshop. Melissa Dress; £175; Whistles.

Models Own "Mixed Up" Nail Polish; £5; via Motel. Aloë Lace Playsuit; £175; CoCo de Mer. The Huntsgrove Jumper; £125; Aubin & Wills. Poinsettia Boot Sock; £7.62; Free People.

Peacock have £5 pizzas (goats cheese, obviously). The Yule Ball gives me an opportunity to twirl around a dimly lit basement in a fairy dress. Then home means duvet snuggles with the usual suspects, lots of food, and a DVD or two.
Just because I'm turning twenty in a fortnight doesn't mean I have to grow up. Or aspire to have clothes I can afford.

I've been spending a lot of time being your cliché English student recently (poetry readings, open mics, film screenings, etc.) which has been FUN, but now I feel slightly delirious from lack of sleep. It was wonderful to meet Olivia a couple of days ago and talk about scones, trains, and the importance of taking the teabag out of your tea before putting the milk in (no joke, this is a really important issue). I just got another disposable camera developed so expect to see some (but definitely not all) of them here very, very soon.


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