a series of photos in which my hair covers my face

photos taken by oliver (i think?), jazzy, and charles.

i refuse to believe that summer's nearing it's end. i've still brownstock and varying birthdays and parties to look forward to. and there better be an indian summer (no doors reference intended) else i'll freeze during (re)freshers.
oh, and i met jazzy (aka hivenn) yesterday, maybe we should just set up a film photography appreciation society? just got to wait for me to finish the film and then i'll share them here (although the second photo does depict me falling over in front of the cathedral when i was with her). garlic vodka shots shouldn't exist, but they do, and so do jalapeño ones.


'cause i sez so

muddy bonesthis is ridiculous
pineapple tee; £??; topshop. floral shorts; £28.80; topshop. most amazing sunglasses in the world; £1; primark. socks; £1; topshop. shoes; £25; russell and bromley via ebay. necklaces; vintage and gifts.
it was selena's birthday yesterday and she had an inflatable palm tree, so i went dressed in embroidered pineapples. too much of this outfit is topshop (i'm beyond ashamed) but the bag was the prize i won in claire's (aka jazzpad) giveaway last year.

DISCLAIMER: there's a lot of concealer on my legs. in the words of natasha bedingfield, i bruise easily.


but we do it anyway because we love a bit of trouble

heidi slimane
heidi slimane
heidi slimane
heidi slimane

i'm wearing ballet tights and i spent the day dancing in town to the dead weather, wishing i had tattoos like freja beha.

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