the first photo was taken last

rebecca cohen in york 1
rebecca cohen in york 2
rebecca cohen in york 3
rebecca cohen in york 4

two months ago, ish, when i visited sam in york. the furthest north i've ever been!
(and please excuse my horrifically unphotogenic face. dfgvuckdzkvf)


superlambananas are deeply ingrained in the scouse culture.

Scan 12
Scan 11
Scan 16

i got my last disposable camera from liverpool back yesterday. i'm going to miss being a fresher. (and look at how pale i am in comparison to ellie in that first photo! glowing in the dark, in a club near you.)
dublin tomorrow - this means charity shops and temple bar with someone who knows i cannot stand guinness. it also means flying. i can deal with trains, but this is the first time i've ever flown on my own...




it's weird to see photos of my uni room again. it took me about two hours to get everything off the walls. and this is proof that i use high tech cameras. there are three exposures left on my current one till i can get that developed and see some incriminating evidence. mate, this is going to be fun.
skirt; £10; topshop. top; £6; primark. st michael's belt; 20p; charity shop. bag; £4; charity shop. made bracelet; £11.50; ebay. socks; £4; asos. customised with a nando's sticker disposable camera; £3 (i think); boots' finest, pal.

(i just have bruises on my elbows now)

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