she breaks just like a little girl

wedding 2
Scan 4
wedding 4

i know it was nearly a month ago, but i've only just got my photos from the weekend of the royal wedding developed. we went to charles' house, drank champagne, made daisy chains and raced on his family's mobility scooter. (i lost.)

i'm wearing a miss selfridge dress (£8, via charity shop), russell and bromley heels (£11, via ebay), carven cardigan (£63, via sample sale) and primark tights (£2... full price. wow)

wedding 5


cagey tigers


'70s denim shorts, urban outfitters, £40. joanna louca drawstring pom pom pouch, via urban outfitters, £470. floral mary-jane flats, office, £18. barbour liberty rose print utility shirt, via asos, £89.95.

natural denim circle skirt, american apparel, £36. antalya shirt, all saints, £120. black patent loafers, russell and bromley, £135. brown flower satchel, miss selfridge, £35. pamela love crow skull necklace, via net-a-porter, £480.

swirled mesh and linen dress, carven via net-a-porter, £510. facet beads on suede bracelet, topshop, £14. pleat corner clutch, asos, £20. the beatle boot, anello and davide.

this summer is a time for music festivals, gigs, and the theatre (les miserables!!), and in the meantime i need stuff to distract me from reading shakespeare and james joyce - and this is where my enviable photoshop skills come in.

i'd really like to point out the boots in the last collage. they're made by a company called anello and davide who are based in kensington, london. they hand make all their shoes for each individual customer, and the ones i've pictured are an adaptation of the classic chelsea boot which became popular in the sixties due to the beatles (and many other bands of the time) naming them their footwear of choice. my mum told me she saved all her wages for a pair of her own (mid-calf and silver) but has no idea what happened to them, something i can't quite forgive her for.
for the past few years i've been dreaming of having my own pair custom made - but which colour and material would i choose?!


i know i'll never be lonely, i've got songs in my blood

blue bell
blue bell

i do sometimes wonder how i manage to have friends. look at these photos. seriously.
and i appear to have really small hands and a pull in my tights.

less than a month and my first year of university will be complete. i don't even know how i feel about that, in all honesty.

dress; topshop, £12. jacket; charity shop; £7.50. necklaces; giveaways/accessorize/topshop. bluebell; the grounds of a church (bring it, lucifer).

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