rebecca cohen nyerebecca cohen nyerebecca cohen nyerebecca cohen nye

i saw in 2010 at the 5HED, but 2011 sees the return of the hallowed danes house party.
midnight's barrier is just that little bit more tangible between years, but the fog has lifted and i have sparkly thigh-high socks.
happy new year (:

ps, if you fancy a sort of 2010 breakdown type thing (why you would, i've no clue) you can find it on my tumblr, which i created as a side-effect of my boredom when i couldn't sleep until four in the morning.

photos 2+4 gratuitously stolen from SS' facebook. These photos clearly need more circulation.


wasted wrapping paper

rebecca cohen christmasrebecca cohen christmas
my christmas decorations!; desire; peter rabbit; luella; my diary; luella's guide to english style; bigmouth strikes again; viv westwood; rabbit

rebecca cohen christmas
my russell and bromley's, sorry jessie; state of confusion; boosh; pens 'n' pencils; chanel (birthday present from mum); wilde, austen, burton, capote... i lick my cheese
rebecca cohen christmas

big, cosy jumper, thick tights, and a dress with... paper chains printed on it?
merry christmas, internet at large.

by the way, none of these are actually christmas presents, just things i really, really like.


term one

rebecca cohen liverpoolrebecca cohen liverpoolrebecca cohen liverpoolrebecca cohen liverpoolrebecca cohen liverpool

1. carnage with pritchard and chanel lipstick
2. we spend too much time in coffee shops
3. a ha ha. a ha ha ha
4. i spy lambananas
5. with selena on my birthday

i've spent today in my room, eating heroes (do not check my bin for evidence of wrappers), listening to radio one's chart show, and putting fairy lights in my window.

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