and the winner is...:
(i'm just about to leave a comment on your blog/twitter - well done!)

thanks to all my wonderful followers, some of the answers were actually amazing. and, as some of you said, i'm drinking a cup of tea right now. although i don't tend to reserve that just for winter...
as i have no lectures for the rest of the year (yay!) tonight will be an evening of taking advantage of the university's fast internet connection and catching up on blogs.

all the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey

rebecca cohen diaryrebecca cohen diaryrebecca cohen diaryrebecca cohen diaryrebecca cohen diary

title lyrics: california dreamin - the mamas and the papas, but the john mayer version is so good! tam has definitely brainwashed me...

i weirdly like doing diary posts, even if it means sitting there for ages on photoshop with the blur tool.
i'm oddly willing to show the vast majority of these pages with strangers from foreign lands, considering i find it difficult to tell my friends how i feel on a day to day basis.


a loaded gun won't set you free, so you say

rebecca cohen birthday
rebecca cohen birthday
i've been so, so bad in terms of blogging recently, but here are some photos from when i went home last month. i'll catch up with replying to comments, i promise!
i turned nineteen on monday, had a horrific hangover on tuesday, and now i feel normal. it's been a shocker of a few weeks, to say the least.

Hello, I'm Rebecca: social media exec, new-ish coffee drinker and loafer-wearer.
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