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the above jumper was sent to me buy the lovely vicky of aha shake heartbreaker. it's so fluffy and perfect for keeping me warm that i wore it straight away to the fireworks display that evening. she has some amazing outfits and i'm not jealous of her bag in any way at all!
dress; urban outfitters. jumper; vintage via vicky

five hundred followers?
you're all beautiful people!
i'm going shopping asap with amy to get a little something for one of you, let's see what liverpool shops have to offer...

looking back, i realise i've never really given any basic facts about myself, so maybe now's the time to have a go (:

rebecca cohen blog

i like to have something on my wrist at all times. not a watch, but things i can genuinely forget about. ribbon, string, etc. currently all i have is my brownstock wristband... it's only a matter of time before the collection builds up again.

rebecca cohen blog

i was walking down brook street the other day and got weirdly emotional seeing that the luella shop had been converted into an aspinal's of london. i miss her so much... but then i met up with friends and went to starbucks (ADDICTION) and then a restaurant for his birthday. swings and roundabouts.

rebecca cohen blog

i like to go out without a plan. it often leads to things that... well, it's safe to say that i've made mistakes, but i don't think that's a bad thing. necessarily.

rebecca cohen blog

i play up to characters quite a bit. i try and embody the better characteristics of luna lovegood, cassie ainsworth, the lisbon sisters, blair waldorf and alexa chung (to name but a few).

rebecca cohen blog

1) my wrist a couple of weeks ago.
2) luella (source)
3) mt and jm on the way to frinton.
4) tennessee thomas and alexa chung (i can't remember the source, sorry!)
5) drinking bollinger post-hot house.

sorry for the sheer amount of words... i'll be less sentimental next time, i promise. xo


on the meaning of the word "home"

rebecca cohen edouard plongeonrebecca cohen edouard plongeonrebecca cohen edouard plongeonrebecca cohen edouard plongeon

photos of louise by edouard plongeon

speckles on the physical barrier between myself and the world, reflecting the blue flashes repeatedly until their urgency is irrelevant
thigh highs and low rise
stagger out of sync
running in front of buses, through pollution and into brief euphoria

i've just made myself a cup of tea in the starbucks mug i liberated and i'm going to watch wednesday's gossip girl and i'm going to ignore the weird amount of texts i'm receiving for 1:14 in the morning.


red cups

rebecca cohen starbucksrebecca cohen starbucksrebecca cohen starbucksrebecca cohen starbucks

i love how one of my best friends is here with me, in this alien place.
it's nice to have a bubble of familiarity to drink gingerbread lattes and peppermint mochas with.

(and she has amazing hair, the more likes she gets on facebook the more dead i'll be - do it!)

ps. i plan to do a giveaway at five hundred followers, heaven knows how i've managed to get thus far. xo

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