red cups

rebecca cohen starbucksrebecca cohen starbucksrebecca cohen starbucksrebecca cohen starbucks

i love how one of my best friends is here with me, in this alien place.
it's nice to have a bubble of familiarity to drink gingerbread lattes and peppermint mochas with.

(and she has amazing hair, the more likes she gets on facebook the more dead i'll be - do it!)

ps. i plan to do a giveaway at five hundred followers, heaven knows how i've managed to get thus far. xo


why are you dressed so scary?

rebecca cohen halloweenrebecca cohen halloweenrebecca cohen halloween

hallowe'en has an apostrophe in it, kids. remember that.
took another disposabable camera into boots today. my student loan has been spent (all saints and topshop are collective bastards) so it looks like no digital camera until i get my birthday money. bring on december.

dress; topshop. necklace; limited collection@new look.
eyeshadow; urban decay peacock palette. lips; collection 2000 lisptick + mac lustre lipstick in 'cockney'. eyeliner; no7. nails; rimmel.


velvet ballerina

rebecca cohen velvetrebecca cohen velvet

my favourite colour is red, and i love velvet.
(and i did buy this dress before i saw it on claire, just so she knows!)
i appear to have found a place where i can vaguely get a whole body shot... minus my head. so be prepared to see my wardrobe doors gradually get covered as the year progresses.

i'm homesick, but happy.

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