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rebecca cohen
rebecca cohen

Purely because it's a billion degrees and my pale, pale body cannot cope with this heat, I decided to sit on my windowsill and read A Clockwork Orange (which is very good, especially as I can understand a bit of Russian. Hello gcse!)
The crop top (which is several sizes too big for me, but I just didn't seem to care when I was buying it) + acid wash shorts + high ponytail combination makes me feel like I'm something out of the eighties, so here's a little treat for you...

Lace crop top; Primark. Shorts; American Apparel.

a dreaded sunny day

So, it finally decides to become Summer! It's suddenly become that sickening stage of the season where it's hot enough to have every single window in your house open, but there's no breeze to speak of.
Yet I'm still drinking 5+ cups of tea a day.
But I can't complain, because I don't have any more exams!!
This is what I'm wearing to the exhibition of A Level and GCSE art at my school tonight. Exams may be over, but I clearly haven't left school for good yet...

ps. I have lookbook! Thanks to Ruta (: Please hype my first look!

Dress; New Look. Socks; obscure shop from my childhood, so probably Woolworths. Shoes; Topshop


little lamb on a hill

rebecca cohen
Sometimes I wish I was small.
Not so small that I didn't exist, because that's selfish, mercenary and I'm not a coward.
I just wish I was small enough to remain unnoticed at times.
So that I could be carried around in someone's pocket.
Casual observer.

My status on facebook at 22:07 yesterday was "little lamb on a hill", which is a line from Yes, I Am Blind by Morrissey.
I can't find the original on youtube, so this will have to do.

Hello, I'm Rebecca: social media exec, new-ish coffee drinker and loafer-wearer.
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