O, woe is me to have seen what I have seen, see what I see.

Denim jacket: £63, NW3 by Hobbs. Baseball tee: free, American Apparel. Joni jeans: £32.40, Topshop. Anna boots: £76.50, Topshop. Satchel: Stylistpick. Watch: gift, Rotary. Ralph Lauren sunglasses: c/o Sunglasses Shop. Necklace: vintage. Rings: F21, vintage, gift, and c/o The Bohemian Collective. Lipstick: Ravishing, MAC.

I remember writing this post last summer and saying how weird it was to wear double denim. Oops, I did it again. This time it's a bit less floral, and maybe a bit more High School Musical(?). I caved and bought another pair of Joni jeans when feeling a bit reckless a couple of days after my loan came in, and couldn't help but pair it with my trusty, well-worn Hobbs denim jacket (that was another rash decision, but we'll ignore that). I'm still not sure of my stance regarding double denim, but it's quite good for the temperamental weather.

I wore this on Saturday when I visited Stratford-upon-Avon with the English Society to see Hamlet. Obviously the highlight of the trip was eating peanut butter cups on the coach (I jest), but we also popped into the Hathaway Tea Rooms for lunch after wandering round the blustery town centre. Compared to Twelfth Night last year, Hamlet was a darker affair, with skulls being thrown off the stage, and poison turning into a woman wearing disco pants. Oh, Shakey! It was worth the odd coach driver, at least, and I'm determined to go to the Globe in London at some point.

But back to the twenty-first century, I've got a few items up on ebay, so if you could have a browse I'd really appreciate it!


A great while ago the world begun, with hey, ho, the wind and the rain.

Hobsons Patisserie
Hobsons Patisserie

In England, it is tradition for universities to dedicate their Wednesday afternoons to sports. However, having managed to avoid every single lesson throughout sixth form (that Russian GCSE really did come in handy), I had no intention of embarrassing myself on AU night when starting in Liverpool. Instead, I went on a trip to the midlands with the English society for something slightly more cultural than a quad-vod from Slater's.

After winding our way down the M6, we finally arrived in Stratford-upon-Avon, home to more rain and as many Shakespeare-themed pubs as you can bite your thumb at. To avoid the rain (and a rumbling stomach) before the performance, Clarity, Bertie and I popped into Hobsons Patisserie for a sandwich and a cup of tea, not realising the sheer size of the meal! Fully content, and aware that we were still sitting there nearly half an hour after it'd closed, we went for a wander to Shakespeare's birthplace, where we could be princes of Norway to our hearts' content.

Yet the evening wore on, and we headed over to the instantly recognisable Globe for Twelfth Night: a comedy of mistaken identity, and yellow stockings. The World Shakespeare Festival started last month as part of the 2012 Olympics celebrations, and Stratford plays host to the Shipwreck Trilogy (the Comedy of Errors and The Tempest completing the trio). I'd really recommend going if the opportunity ever presents itself, they've got such a good reputation for a reason!

Fun Fact Fursday*: RSC stands for the Royal Shakespeare Company, but they're also my initials, guess my middle name?


*This is not going to become a regular feature, don't worry.

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