I've got another dream lover.

Luella blouse: ebay. H+M palm print trousers: £15 (can't find them online, I'm afraid, but only bought them this month so should still be in-store!). Bally boots: £8, charity shop. Cheap Monday sunglasses. Rotary watch. Topshop Really Ruby lipstick.

It may not be blue sea and SPF 50, but I considered my trip to Cardiff to be a little holiday, so when better to whack out the palm prints? H+M is a store that I never seem to find anything in (being over a size 6 woes, etc.), but a meander through from Topshop to the gym ended up with me making a little purchase I don't regret in the slightest. In lesson two of Don't Rely On Boys To Take Your Photos, I've paired them with my favourite white shirt, but Luke has inspired me to wear them on Mondays weekends with a slouchy sweatshirt.

Saturday was much sunnier, so we headed into town for a wander round the shops. Cardiff is full of tiny, twisting Victorian arcades, and Gemma recommended I head into Spillers Records (she had me at oldest record shop in the world) before I resisted a whole lot of denim-skirt-shaped temptation in Urban Outfitters. I'm sure it won't be long before I'm back, but do let me know if there any any places in the UK you'd recommend for a long weekend away - I'm fully intending to rinse my YP railcard for all it's worth before it expires.


Zara coat (old): £30. Vintage shirt: £2, charity shop. Warehouse denim skirt: £2, sample sale. Marks and Spencer bowling bag (old): £43. Bally chelsea boots: £8, charity shop. Rotary watch. Rimmel Kate Moss 08 lipstick.

Guess who was naïve? I headed over to Cardiff a couple of weeks back to watch the general election. I gave up around 4am (stellar effort, I maintain), yet the others made a night of it and didn't take all too kindly to me shoving a camera in their hands the next day, when the only thing they wanted to concentrate on was a pillow. Still, who could resist a backdrop like this? On a grey May afternoon Cardiff Bay was looking pretty spectacular, even if some of us weren't too keen to capture it.

On a more chronological note, I headed straight to Paddington from work and was in my friend's flat before everything kicked off, glass of Cava in hand, bottle of vodka in kitchen. You probably know what happened next, so we cheered things up the next morning by heading to Bill's on the way to the Doctor Who Experience. I found the latter pretty amusing, the ones on less sleep found it harrowing, but my fifteen year old whovian came to the fore and loved every bloody minute of it. That evening I headed into town while people recovered, and I met up with my main welsh babe Gem to explore what the capital had to offer. We headed off to a street food market for a catch up over meat, and would definitely recommend popping by for their words of wisdom.

Part two coming your way soon and, in the meantime, here's to making the most of the Bank Holiday!
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