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Battlesbridge antiques centre, Essex www.itscohen.co.uk
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Battlesbridge Essex fashion blogger www.itscohen.co.uk
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Oasis Fashion heeled ankle boots www.itscohen.co.uk
Zara coat: £30 (old, similar). French Connection jumper: £21.50 (on sale, similar). Marks and Spencer cord skirt: £17.50 (on sale, similar). Oasis heeled boots: £17 (on sale, similar, court heel version).

When it comes to most things, I know what I want. I may be a bit iffy on the 'general life' scenario (job? where to live? what toppings to have on my pizza???), but Actual Things? Got it down. I've never really been one to wildly experiment with clothing, Blair Waldorf bright tights period excluded, and since the age of 16 I've slowly been building a wardrobe of classics that I've been wearing ever since - I've documented a lot of them here. Handily, this means that sales are my thing. Occasionally I'll get caught up in the thrill of bargains and I still haven't donated that red shift dress which doesn't suit my body shop to charity (luv u), but more often than not I'll get something I know I'll love forever for a fraction of the price. And, in my opinion, why pay more when you know you can get it for a little less and save the difference for cocktails and Oyster top-ups?

If you're looking for a list of sale shopping tips (praise be to someone who is more organised than me), then I'd 100% recommend heading to Megs' blog, but in slightly chaotic fashion, here are my things to look out for:

You can have too much of a good thing. Just because your wardrobe is 90% Asos (guilty), doesn't mean you should rule out everywhere else. Instead of trawling through every. single. site. because we've all got Take Me Out to catch up on, just head to Love The Sales which keeps everything in order, so you can browse for whatever you're looking for across hundreds of brands. That perfect military coat will be yours, don't you worry.

I seem to go through these like no one's business, but one that fits is the most important dress-up dress-down basic that you'll never stop wearing.

As documented above, I love me a good A-line skirt. I picked up this one in M&S on boxing day, and it's been popped (heh) on ever since. I like tucking in a turtle neck knit for the kind of ootd which'll suit most occasions with the right pair of shoes - even smart casual.

Notice how it didn't actually get cold until well after the January sales had started? Retailers for some unknown reason don't seem to understand that no one's interested in buying their Spring things as soon as January rears its grey head, but it works in our favour as pretty much every single coat will be on sale just as the temperatures dip.

Your shoe wardrobe is probably about to hit new heights. If you're anything like me, it's a small miracle if your shoes last any longer than a season or two, so now's the best time to update your collection. Before diving in, just check what actually needs to be replaced (I needed a new pair of smart black boots, and had my eye on these Oasis babes for at least four months), and maybe, just maybe, treat yourself to a pair purely because they're pretty. Because shoes.

Post written in collaboration, but all magpie tendencies my own.

Flat white.

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Zara coat: £30 (similar). Oasis turtleneck top: £13.20. Marks & Spencer skirt: £17.50 (similar). Adidas Spezial: £27. Primark fedora: £7 (similar). Marks & Spencer bag: £43.

One a day. We all have our limits, and whether you apply it to apples or, as in my case, coffees, there's a reason you put these rules in place. I'll always be a tea girl at heart, but nothing starts the day wired right like a cup of the good stuff - just don't let me have any more than absolutely necessary else I'll be talking your head off all day. As I'm starting a new job soon (more on that later), I'll be missing out on my weekly free Starbucks, but it's giving me plenty of opportunities to find more independent, tax-paying establishments to get my caffeine from. When oop norf, it's super easy to find local cafés which are A+ at their specialities as they line every street outside of the main shopping concourse (check out Independent LiverpoolBirmingham and Sheffield for knowledgable insider tips from the people in the know), but when it comes to London every lunchtime starts with "shall we just go to Pret?". Thankfully, my pals at CitizenM got in touch and asked if I fancied trying out one of the coffee stops in their London city guide, and I was there quicker than you could say single shot latte.

I met up with photographer extraordinaire Amber (just look at her portfolio - the girl's got photography goals written all over her) for a catch up before I head off on my Northern adventures. On CitizenM's recommendation, we headed to Flat White on Berwick Street, just a little South of Oxford Street. While Amber opted for the place's eponymous drink, I went for a latte (yeah, yeah, leave it out) and we got some savoury treats to go with. I honestly couldn't fault the service, and the guys let us chat our hearts out for a good hour before we moved on (to Topshop, naturally). It's a nice little find, just far enough away from tacky souvenir shops to not be crowded, but close enough to the west end to make getting to your next meeting easy peasy.

Are you aware of any hidden gems I need to check out before I head off on my next adventure? I think I've got most of Shoreditch down, but would love to hear about any of your must-drinks!

CitizenM covered the costs of this lunch date, but all halloumi-decisions were my own.

Bad habits.

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The Folly Bistro, East Hanningfield, Essex www.itscohen.co.uk
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Zara coat: £30 (similar). Oasis top: £13.20. Vintage suede skirt: £8, charity shop (similar). Debenhams loafers. Monochrome scarf: c/o Joules. Vintage bag. Essie Maximillian Strasse Her (still don't understand that name, surely it's just Strasse?).

In the wake of messers Turner and Kane dropping a new release named 'Bad Habits', I thought why not compile a list of my own?

- I am twenty four and I still bite my nails. I know, okay? I KNOW.
- There is a rather large pile of black boots by the front door which look suspiciously similar but which are definitely not exactly the same (eyeing up another pair now).
- Texts don't need to be replied to immediately, do they? I honestly do try, but when whatsapp's crashed on me for the sixth time in a row I tend to give up for the next few months.
- If I'm going to be on the 6.47 am train, I am going to use all forces necessary to ensure I get a seat.
- Eye contact: I'm all for it as I am otherwise useless at reading a person, and if you don't meet mine I'll immediately think you're hiding something.
- I tend to go out of my way to conceal how I feel (ew, emotions), until it reaches a point of no return and I either cry or shout at someone.
- Biting off the top, eating the filling and then eating the rest of a Creme Egg.
- Drinking that one drink too many...
- ... then agreeing to go to the pub the day after.
- Saying "just putting that A Level art to good use" every time I do something vaguely creative.
- Making grand plans of going to that new pop-up for lunch to support an independent high street, then going to Pret 'cause it's closer. Every. Bloody. Time.
- Thinking one blog post a week is totally manageable, and then realising preeeetty quickly it's far from it (send help and daylight hours).

Any bad habits you'd care to share? brb, kick-starting whatsapp again.

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